Optimum Hydration Day Cream SPF-12 Expand

Optimum Hydration Day Cream SPF-12, 50g




This ultralight cream carefully envelops the skin in a protective “barrier.”Your skin will be carefree with this cream! 

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This ultralight cream carefully envelops the skin in a protective “barrier.” Your skin will be
carefree with this cream!

Active cream ingredients: collagen, hydrolyzed silk, ascorbic acid, arbutin, allantoin,
hydrolyzed wheat-germ protein and hyaluronic acid.

Collagen is the skin’s basic protein and is responsible for its youth:
• moisturizes the skin, creating a light protective “barrier” on its surface that prevents
moisture loss;
• improves skin firmness, strength and elasticity;
• promotes the skin’s extended youth.

Hydrolyzed silk is “liquid silk” obtained through the hydrolysis of silk fibers produced by
the silkworm:
• forms a light “barrier” on the skin’s surface; this “barrier” gives the skin silky
smoothness and provides a slight lifting effect;
• contains fibroins (from the Latin word “fibra” — “fiber”), the proteins forming the
basis of natural silk fiber;
• fibroin contains a significant quantity of glycin: each second amino acid in its structure
is glycin, a component in the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF);
• fibroins have marvelous moisturizing properties: their molecules are able to attract
and retain 300x their weight in water!

Ascorbic acid is vitamin C:
• a powerful antioxidant that combats free radicals — one of the main causes of
premature skin aging;
• enhances collagen production, which is responsible for the skin’s smoothness and
youthful appearance;
• improves local immunity and the skin’s protective properties, preventing the
development of acne.

Arbutin is produced from bearberry leaves. Arbutin:
• has a whitening effect;
• while penetrating deep into the skin, it blocks melanin synthesis;
• while influencing pigmentation, it does not suppress the vital activity of melanocytes
and other skin cells.

• Provides the optimum moisturizing level, restoring skin elasticity and resiliency.
• Softens and soothes sensitive skin.
• Improves skin immunity, stimulates skin regeneration processes.

Apply a small quantity of cream to the cleansed face and neck.

Suitable for dry, sensitive skin.

“Calmed,” moisturized skin radiates beauty and health!

Skin requirementsSPF - protection

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