Gift, Voucher, Bonus

1 - Login in to your account

Tiande Gift

2 - Go to menu - My Rewards account

Tiande Voucher

3 - Check all options

Tiande gift

4 - Check your account history

Tiande gift

5 - Transform Reward to the gift

voucher tiande

6 - Transform in two steps

Gist tiande

7 - Voucher ready to use

voucher tiande

8 - Voucher Code

code tiande

9 - Applay your voucher code

shoping card

10 - Shoping card after using voucher

gist tiane products

11 - Total amount for pay after voucher applay

tiande promo code

12 - If the value of my voucher was higher than the amount to be paid? Don't worry! We will crate you additional voucher:)

tiande promotion code

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