Why Tiande?

TianDe comes from one of the cleanest regions in the world - Barnaul, Altai, Russia. Altai is classified as the cleanest and richest place on the planet due to a lack of population and a great abundance of plants.

Because TianDe manufactures Natural Health and Beauty products with a holistic approach towards human health - there could not be a better place to establish the company. Altai is situated not far away from Tibet and other unique places. This is exactly where the ingredients used in the products are coming from.

Carefully planted and harvested by Chinese herbalists the ingredients used in TianDe products are extremely effective and not only provide care for the skin but also deal with various body ailments such as eczema, acne, joint pain, inflammations, women's health issues etc.

That is why The TianDe Beauty and Health Corporation has developed a natural cosmetic product range based on Chinese and Tibetan Herbal Medicinal Practices.

These products have a very high amount of active ingredients and designed to help to treat various skin and body conditions. They belong to the category of products called cosmeceuticals.

TianDe offers a variety of products for everyone. Starting off with Foot Creams and Body Detox Plasters, going onto a wide range of Shampoos and finishing off with Natural Nano Correctors that provide Botox and Lifting effects. TianDe aims to fulfil your beauty needs, but most importantly your health, which is a natural source of beauty.

Behind each product, there is ancient medical knowledge, thought and history. With the use of the latest advanced nanotechnology and biotechnology, TianDe has created a perfect fusion that allows the products to have an impact on the human body and soul. TianDe cosmeceuticals have already helped people around the world to improve their looks and well-being, but also to build a great business and achieve life dreams.

So why TianDe is so special?

These therapeutic products aim to help with issues such as hair loss, acne, female care, etc. as well as provide a fantastic range of beauty treatments for the skin.

Aromatherapy and Salt Therapy are a big part of TianDe, as products made from ingredients found in the most ecological places of the planet - Tibet, Altai and the Dead Sea.

The smells will take the customer away into a dreamland of senses.

Our product range covers the needs of most customers as we offer products for Foot Care, Body Care, Face Care, Hair Care, Skin Care, Body Detox Programme and many more.

Synergy of performance

Unique natural components are combined together in order to achieve a new level of effectiveness, which wouldn’t be possible if those components were used separately.

Advanced biotechnology

Obtaining extracts from exotic plants and herbs such as the Lotus flower, Ganoderma mushroom, Ginseng, Jojoba oil, Avocado, Aragan oil, or animal origin components; snake oil, sheep’s placenta or marine collagen.

Ancient Chinese Medicine Recipes

Medical recipes that have been known for more than 5000 years delivered to you through the use of everyday products.

Special requirements for cropping and harvesting

Herbalist experts are required to crop plants strictly in a specific method and sometimes only at a certain times of the day! For example: some plants have a highest concentration of desired components at full moon, therefore this is when they are cropped..

Clean and ecological

Our products are made from plants that grow in the most ecological places on the planet. Plants are obtained from areas of Altai, Tibet and China, sometimes from high mountains. We can honestly say that the products are 100% organic.

Therapeutic properties of cosmetic products

TianDe specializes in providing treatment for Acne, Hair Loss, Dandruff, Body Detox, Fungus Infections, Oral Care, Delicate and Intimate Care, Pain Relief and many more. 

TianDe also looks after the Environment!

TianDe is very conscious about the environment that is why we are involved in constant Environment Protection by planting Trees in Russia and other places in the world.

TianDe dedicates part of their profits just for the purposes of protecting the Environment.

Do not hesitate and join us in our mission to bring Health and Beauty to people around the world and protect the environment thanks to which we are able to do it!

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