Natural ALOE VERA gel

Natural ALOE VERA gel


aloe vera juice: -98.5%

olive oil: -0.42%

gelling agent carbomer: -1%

food preservative sorbic acid: 0.08%

The natural aloe vera gel contains a colossal volume of this plant’s juice, which is 98.5%.

The cosmetic product is considered natural, if it contains 85% ingredients of natural origin. The TianDe aloe vera gel is 99% natural substances (98.5% being aloe vera juice, 0.42% being olive oil and only 1.08% being gelling agent and food preservative).

Olive oil is a precious cosmetic ingredient called the “liquid gold for the skin”. In this case, it is used to make the consistency of the product smooth.

Carbomer is used to make its consistency thick and gel-like. It is non-toxic and included in the composition of many medical products; it is also widely used in food industry.

Sorbic acid (Lat. sorbus – rowan) was first separated by the distillation of rowan berry oil. It is a preserving agent used in food industry.

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera juice is an energy supply for the skin

Its composition includes more than 200 biologically active substances:
- vitamins А, В1, В2, В3, В9 and Е
- 20 out of 22 known amino acids  
- natural antiseptics: salicylic acid and anthraquinones
- the cocktail of minerals: sodium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, ferrum, zinc, phosphorus, cuprum, selenium and chromium

The juice contained inside the leaves is the most precious thing about aloe. It is its energy supply space preserving more than 200 biologically active substances.

It is through the juice the plant is able to exist for a long time and even sprout for a long time without any water or even soil! In extreme situations aloe closes its pores, preserving moist and all the nutrients inside its leaves.

Therefore, to increase the concentration of healthy substances in the aloe juice, before cutting off its leaves for the purpose of cosmetics production, the plant is purposefully not watered for some weeks.

Aloe does not give to cactus, its close relative (they both belong to the family of succulents, from the Latin word of “succulentus”, which means juicy), in terms of resilience and ability to store moist.

Our skin does not have such perfect protective mechanisms. It constantly loses moist. The aloe vera gel will help it not only restore, but preserve water and nutrients.

Vitamins А, В1, В2, В3, В9 and Е, that provide the anti-oxidant protection, prevent the early skin withering and improve the metabolic processes in the cells.

Amino acids (20 out of 22 known ones) are the construction material for the primary skin protein, which is collagen. Amino acids participate in fat metabolism, activate immune cells and support the restoration of damaged tissues.

Natural antiseptics (salicylic acid and anthraquinones) stop the multiplication of bacteria, supporting the removal of inflammations and acne.

The mineral cocktail (sodium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, ferrum, zinc, phosphorus, cuprum, selenium and chromium) stimulates the blood supply of the skin and improves the skin cell nutrition. Minerals cannot be produced by the body, but, as well as vitamins, they participate in the processes of formation of energy, growth and tissue regeneration.

Natural aloe vera gel First aid for the skin

Natural aloe vera gel First aid for the skin

Speeds up wound healing without scarring

Is successfully used to treat burns, including sun and chemical ones

Quickly relieves insect bite itch
Reduces skin allergy symptoms
Eliminates irritation after shaving

Moisturizes 4 times better and faster than water

aloe pН = skin pН
Strengthens skin's protective barrier

Now you can select a handy format of your favourite product. A small sachet is the travel format. Put it into your bag or a desk drawer. Or select a large gel tube. Taking it with you when going on vacation or using it at home for daily skin care is comfortable.

The aloe vera gel increases the regeneration abilities of the skin due to the high content of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. Amino acids are important for collagen production.

The increased collagen production activates the natural process of cell generation change and speeds up the healing: under the influence of aloe vera, tissues are restored faster than scars are formed.

The aloe vera gel soothes the skin after the negative influence of sunbeams and wind and removes irritation and inflammation after shaving. It may be used as a restorative in case of burns, after shaving or chemical peeling, as well as to speed up the processes of healing on the damaged body parts.

Beauty and health of the skin in any age depend on its humidification degree. Our skin is young and fresh, if it contains a lot of water. Moisture ensures its tightness and elasticity.

Dehydration makes flowing of nutrients to the skin more difficult. As a result, the skin becomes dry and hypersensitive, loses its elasticity, becomes thinner and starts scaling and covering with wrinkles.

The aloe vera gel is perfect for daily humidification. The biologically active substances of aloe (lignins) get into the skin 4 times faster and deeper than water. And the protective film formed by the aloe extract prevents the loss of moist from the skin.

The pH balance for the skin is its protective mantle. Keeping the pH balance at the required level is the first priority in order to preserve the protective barrier of the skin. This barrier, like an invisible veil, preserves the required lipids and removes impurities and bacteria from the skin.

The aloe vera pH level meets the natural pH of the skin, which means that the ALOE VERA GEL supports the normal pH of the skin and restores the disturbed balance.

The aloe vera gel is a unique product satisfying the needs of any skin type. It normalizes the work of sebaceous glands of greasy and combined skin and soothes and softens dry and sensitive skin.

Apply a thin layer of gel to the moist skin or dissolve it with water. Please note that the gel is a concentrated product and therefore should be applied with a thin layer or when dissolved with a small amount of water. Therefore, 50 grams of gel will serve you for a long time.

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