FRESHCLICK: give your skin freedom

BB fundation

Skin freedom

Are you bright, young, open and determined?

Do you live in the moment, like your reflection in the mirror, love traveling and the wind of freedom?

Are you not embarrassed of a scar on your knee?

You do not hide your face behind the Instagram filters?

Then you will definitely like the concept of our foundation!

TianDe Corporation always listens to the requests of its consumers and, of course, follows the trends.

Today being yourself and being natural is trendy.

Free your skin from the “concrete”!

Contains aloe juice

Lightweight FRESHCLICK BB foundation is:

  • comfortable texture that does not constrain the skin;
  • medium coverage to feel just comfort and to underline your natural beauty;
  • delicate care, contains aloe juice for skin “calmness” and balance.


    DRY-FLO® ELITE LL matting complex contained in the product:
  • absorbs the oily sheen, matting the skin excellently;
  • makes skin velvety and tender;
  • allows the product to be applied easily and evenly;
  • provides anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects due to lysine.

Foundations for young skin should not unify the human face, make it similar to a template, deprive it of mimics, desperately “blur” it or, on the contrary, “concrete” the skin!

We completely adapted the cream to the requests of young, active and real people and selected a light enough texture, which provides care and keeps the face “alive”, for the BB foundation. The comfortable weightless veil-like cover simultaneously copes with all the tasks of the foundation and gives your skin freedom!

Having been inspired by the natural beauty of cheerful, open to the world and sincerely laughing girls that live in the moment and do not hide behind the mask of the super-long-lasting and super-covering concealer, we developed a special concept of the BB foundation of the FRESHCLICK range!

3 key elements of our concept:

  • the comfortable texture of the product does not “constrain” the skin, but mats it excellently at the same time;
  • the covering thickness is moderate for the girls to feel comfort only and underline their natural beauty with moles, freckles, etc.;
  • not only tone, but gentle care as well! We included aloe juice, which is famous for its soothing properties and skin balance normalization, into the composition of the BB foundation.

Due to which is the effect achieved?

Velvetiness and matte appearance of the skin is achieved due to the presence of the DRY-FLO® ELITE LL matting complex contained in the product. The main character of the complex is the natural starch powder, the special processing of which allows the foundation to be applied easily and evenly and create a pleasant effect of tender velvety skin. And, of course, the special feature of this complex is absorption of oil and mating, as well as excellent sliding. Lysine included in its composition additionally provides anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.

The cream does not dry the skin, clog the pores or cause irritation. Using the light BB foundation, you will look perfectly: it excellently hides the pores and small imperfections without the mask effect.

We prepared an expanded palette for you: select the fitting shade of the BB foundation out of 4 of them to underline the natural beauty of your skin!

If you were searching for the foundation with such parameters, you have found it!

The FRESHCLICK BB foundation is the choice of young and beautiful!

BB fundation, tiande

Can older girls use it?

  • Light even tone;
  • matting effect;
  • smoothing out uneven skin texture.

  • Perfect for combination and oily skin;

  • is well-combined with makeup primers;
  • does not settle into small wrinkles and pores;
  • is excellently layered to create more coverage, if needed.

Youth is a reliable concept, and we are the only ones to decide what age is the reflection of youth.

When returning to the trends again, it should be noticed that the concept of variability rushed into fashion. This term means existence of several options of something, so just imagine that it may be applied to age!
There are several options of human age: passport age, feeling age, age depending on wisdom and gained certain experience or even Korean age. By the way, Korean age means adding a year to the age beginning from the birth date. It is considered that a child it 1 year old at the moment of birth. This year means 9 months that the child spent in their mother’s womb. So using age as the only base while choosing the product is a very doubtful action…

Therefore, if you like light concealer covers instead of thick masks on your face, use the FRESHCLICK BB foundation!

And remember, despite your age according to the passport, if you choose freedom and comfort, you choose FreshClick!

The formula of the FRESHCLICK BB foundation is perfect for girls from 25 to 35 years of age as well!

And if seriously, we developed an excellent BB foundation which fits not only the young skin.

The light veil-like cover gives an even tone to skin, smoothes its unevenness and provides matting effect.

The product is perfect for combined and greasy skin. Due to its light texture, the BB foundation can be layered, if the situation requires it. By the way, applying the cream to the whole face is not required. The light cream will not stand out of the general image as stains. It will organically cover the required place without creating the visual dissonance. The composition of the product includes aloe juice which will provide calmness and tenderness to the skin, and women of all ages appreciate this effect!

Let us remind you that the composition of the product includes aloe juice which will provide calmness and tenderness to the skin, and women of all ages appreciate this effect!

Minimalism suits you!

TianDe headliner products for the minimalistic makeup:

  • FRESHCLICK BB foundation;
  • black eyeliner with a soft brush;
  • automatic eyebrow pencil with a comb-brush;
  • Fucoidan lip softening balm.

Hydrogel Phyto Patch for Women: think about yourself and not about your period!

Not so long ago women all around the world practiced contouring, draping, strobing, baking and sparkling in makeup, and this insanity has finally finished so that facial skin was left alone! Minimalism is trending again. Therefore, don’t even waste your time searching for the meaning of the aforementioned words!

Now natural facial features that one got naturally is in fashion, as well as the shade of skin that you see after removing all the makeup, and finally the internal essence became important!

And if this internal essence is good, beautiful and kind, its owner will look happy and shiny without any strobing or glitter (which add shine and glitter to the makeup, as if because of a thousand of magical unicorns).

Makeup minimalism allows:

  • light cover, naturally mat or moderately glossy;

  • natural eye shadow shades (beige, milky, brown, terracotta or light apricot yellow) applied to the fold of the moveable part of the eyelid, not to the whole eyelid up to the brows;

  • natural eyebrow shape and color (not permanent make-up);

  • graphic arrows on the eyes (you can vary the color);

  • light gloss on the lips or neutral calm lipstick shades (dusty rose, tender caramel, classic beige and dimmed shades of brown and red).

TianDe headliner products for the minimalistic makeup include:

  •  FRESHCLICK BB foundation;

  • black eyeliner with a soft brush;

  • automatic eyebrow pencil with a comb brush;

  • lip softening balm (pay attention to the balm from the Fucoidan collection or select from other high-quality products of the corporation).

The BB foundation is included in the FreshClick collection of products for young skin which has already established itself.

Hundreds of girls and women have already appreciated the light textures, the high-quality care and the astonishing effect of this line.

  • Tender facial wash foam;
  • facial primer serum which will perfectly fit for the makeup, hide the imperfections and peeling skin before the tone application and will make the pores less visible;
  • aquagel for face and eyes which will saturate the skin with moist, make it smoother and more elastic, soothe it, remove the feeling of constraint and prevent peeling (it also excellently refreshes the skin after sleep deprivation or stress);
  • body lotion with the SOD superantioxidant which efficiently restores and moisturizes the skin, returning softness and tenderness to it.
  • Try the whole FreshClick collection, feel your freedom and enjoy the beauty!

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