Preserve and multiply the youth bestowed by nature

Already from about 25 years of age, natural processes begin to slow down, the skin loses moisture and, as a result, elasticity, it becomes more susceptible to the negative factors of the environment.

If you do not maintain the water balance in the cells, you cannot avoid changing the tone of the face, increasing oiliness of skin or, conversely, dryness.

And if you do not start comprehensive care in time, you can face the problem of premature aging.
Include moisturizing and nourishing products in your care that can stop moisture loss, protect the skin from UV rays (namely, they dry the skin, provoke the appearance of age spots and start the process of premature skin aging), use cosmetics with oils and natural beauty components (high in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals

Herbal Energies with SPF: when your skin wants to be fresh

Beauty and youth from nature itself!

  • Delicate textures and pleasant aromas
  • High level of natural ingredients
  • Top ingredients in composition
  • UV protection and antioxidant effect
  • Without dyes and parabens!

Among the causes of premature cell aging, a key place is taken by the negative factors of the environment, and especially insidious ultraviolet rays, which are active at any time of the year, even in winter. This is the process of photoaging.

For reliable skin protection, Herbal Energies products include UV filters that repel the attack of UV rays, as well as effective top ingredients with an antioxidant effect.

They actively resist aggressive environmental factors, help to slow down the aging process, restore skin damage, while providing powerful hydration and nutrition, and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

There are six effective cosmetic products in the range:

  • Cordyceps and Salvia Face Cream
  • White Tea Face Cream
  • Argan Oil Face Cream
  • Ultra Gentle Cleanser
  • Moisturizing Tonic Booster
  • Antioxidant Facial Peel.

    Delicate textures, pleasant aroma, high content of natural ingredients, no dyes and parabens - give yourself all the benefits of nature with Herbal Energies!

Herbal Energies creams: find your place under the sun

SPF 10: - optimal for urban environments
UV filters:
UVA and UVB protection
Antioxidant effect:
protection from free radicals

1- Argan Oil Face Cream - For tone and radiance
2 - White Tea Face Cream - For wrinkles and age spots
3 -
Cordyceps and Salvia Face Cream - For perfection and protection

The use of the cream is the final stage of care, followed by cleansing and toning. In the Herbal Energies range, there are three facial skin care creams at once.

People with fair skin prone to pigmentation (freckles, moles) should pay special attention to sun protection.

All Herbal Energies creams have SPF10. This is the optimal degree of protection for an urban environment, which does not block the synthesis of vitamin D and allows the use of creams for daily care (a high level of SPF is necessary on the beach or in the mountains).

UV filters in the composition of creams absorb UV radiation and prevent its penetration into the skin, protecting it from destruction of cell membranes, pigmentation, and loss of elasticity.

UV filters in Herbal Energies products will protect the skin from two spectra of rays at once - A and B. Herbal Energies face creams will protect the skin not only from ultraviolet radiation, but also from the negative effects of free radicals - another reason for its aging. A rich antioxidant complex in the composition of the products protects cells from destruction, while maintaining skin elasticity.

The products are suitable for both - day and night use. They should be applied 15-20 minutes before going outside.

Each of the creams provides not only reliable protection, but also targeted action thanks to special formulas enriched with plant extracts, effective moisturizers and anti-aging components.

Argan Oil Face Cream

Care and protection in a metropolis. SPF 10

  • Protects against UV rays
  • Has an antioxidant effect
  • Maintains the natural moisture level of the skin
  • Restores, nourishes and softens
  • Increases firmness, tone and elasticity of the skin

    Active ingredients:
  • argan oil → prevention of cell aging
  • coconut oil → nourishing and softening of the skin
  • green tea extract → antioxidant and antibacterial protection
  • cordyceps extract → protection from free radicals and other negative factors
  • sodium hyaluronate → moisturizing, maintaining skin elasticity
  • lactose → protection against dehydration

Argan Oil Face Cream is an anti-aging treatment and UV protection. The cream maintains the natural moisture level of the skin, prevents the appearance of dryness, tightness and peeling. Enhances the barrier functions of the skin under stress and poor ecology.

The cream formula contains argan oil, which actively nourishes and regenerates the skin, rejuvenates it, gives energy, radiance and freshness.

Argan oil. This exotic oil has been used in cosmetology since ancient times and is extracted from the seeds of the “iron tree” - argan. It is also called “liquid gold”, and it is considered one of the most valuable cosmetic oils in the world!

The richest composition of the oil includes:
- polyphenols - effective antioxidants, plant pigments that smooth the skin, stimulate the process of cell renewal, get rid of age spots, improve complexion;
- polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-6 - protect tissues from harmful factors, prevent cell aging;
- tocopherol - gives youth to the skin, promotes the regeneration of damaged cells, gives elasticity;
- carotenoids - provide protection against free radicals and ultraviolet radiation;
- prostaglandin - a natural anti-inflammatory agent, a lipid synthesized in the cells of the epidermis with the participation of fatty acids;
- ferulic acid - a powerful anti-aging weapon for skin rejuvenation.

Argan oil is a storehouse of useful substances and trace elements, an effective remedy for the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. Regular use of the cream, which contains argan oil, helps to lighten age spots and even out the tone of the face. Nourishes, restores the hydrolipidic layer, rejuvenates the skin.

In addition to argan oil, the product contains coconut oil, green tea and cordyceps extracts, hyaluronic acid and lactose.

Green tea leaf extract is the most popular extract in cosmetics.
First, it is a powerful antioxidant. Green tea perfectly tones the skin, prevents the appearance of premature signs of aging. But this is not all that this extract is capable of. Green tea fights free radicals, keeps the skin clear, and has excellent moisturizing properties. The caffeine contained in the plant makes the extract effective in combating puffiness. In addition, green tea controls the sebaceous glands, soothes the skin and, of course, rejuvenates it!

Coconut oil. Coconut oil intensively moisturizes, softens and nourishes due to the content of essential fatty acids. Supports a healthy skin barrier to help keep skin supple and well-groomed.

Cordyceps extract. Yes, this is the most expensive mushroom in the world, it is the real essence of youth.

It contains a very large amount of antioxidants that help fight free radicals. It is also important that the tissues of the fungus contain collagen, which helps the skin remain elastic. The cream, based on cordyceps, helps to neutralize oxidative processes in cells, protects the skin from the first signs of aging, gives it elasticity and tone.

Sodium hyaluronate is a derivative of hyaluronic acid. It intensively moisturizes the skin, increases turgor, making it smoother. Smoothes fine wrinkles, softens the skin.

Lactose is a component of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which maintains the necessary level of skin hydration and a healthy epidermal barrier that maintains firmness, elasticity and smoothness.

White Tea Face Cream

Frm wrinkles and age spots. SPF 10

Provides UV protection:

  • Provides lifting effect and antioxidant protection
  • Evens out the relief and tone of the skin, softens and moisturizes
  • Brightens age spots
  • Reduces the depth of wrinkles

Active ingredients:

  • tea extract → antioxidant and UV protection
  • licorice extract → wrinkle smoothing, whitening effect
  • arbutin → lightening age spots, antioxidant protection
  • cordyceps extract → protection from free radicals, lifting effect
  • vitamin E → protection of cells from destruction, rejuvenating effect
  • hyaluronic acid → moisturizing, maintaining skin elasticity

White Tea Face Cream evens out the relief and tone of the skin, reduces the depth of wrinkles, brightens age spots. Softens, moisturizes, prevents wilting and photoaging of the skin.

As part of the cream - an extract of the leaves of Camellia sinensis (white tea). Being a natural UV absorber, it protects the skin from the negative effects of sunlight. In addition, it has antioxidant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, soothes the skin, tones, tightens pores, improves complexion.

Licorice extract and arbutin in the composition of the cream have an active lightening effect on age spots.

Licorice extract. It prevents hyperpigmentation: normalizes the production of melanin in the skin, eliminates dark spots, brightens the pigment. This natural phytoestrogen stimulates the formation of collagen fibers, helps smooth existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones. Also, due to its unique composition, licorice perfectly softens and soothes the skin, reduces roughness and unevenness.

Arbutin is a plant glycoside obtained from bearberry leaves in a laboratory way. Arbutin in the beauty industry is called the fighter of age spots. It perfectly whitens the skin, evens out its color. It also has an antioxidant effect, smoothes fine wrinkles and reduces puffiness.

The extract of Cordyceps, with which the remedy is enhanced, protects the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and other negative environmental factors. It perfectly tones and has a lifting effect. This unique Tibetan mushroom plant exists in very harsh conditions: with a lack of oxygen, under the scorching sun of the highlands. Having developed adaptation mechanisms, Cordyceps has accumulated a huge amount of biologically active components that give skin cells tremendous strength and increase their protective mechanisms.

Vitamin E is the skin youth vitamin. It deserved such a title for it’s ability to protect it from the harmful effects of free radicals, nourish and slow down the aging process of cells. Tocopherol is an unconditional assistant in the formation of collagen and elastin. The lack of this vitamin immediately turns into dryness, flabbiness of the skin, and then the appearance of wrinkles.

Sodium hyaluronate - intensively moisturizes the skin, increases its turgor, softens.

Cordyceps and Salvia Face Cream

  • Provides UV protection
  • Soothes, softens, prevents peeling
  • Keeps skin youthful, prevents wrinkles
  • Has an antioxidant effect
  • Tightens pores, prevents the appearance of comedones and inflammation

    Active ingredients:

  • cordyceps extract → protection from free radicals and negative external factors
  • sage extract → a source of phytoestrogens that prolong cell youth
  • green tea extract → antioxidant and antibacterial protection
  • sodium hyaluronate → moisturizing, maintaining skin elasticity
  • allantoin → softening, prevents peeling

Cordyceps and Salvia Face Cream is an anti-aging effect and double protection.

Sage phytoestrogens keep the skin young and prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles.

Cordyceps and green tea provide antioxidant protection, tone, tighten pores, prevent the appearance of comedones and inflammation.

Sage extract is a universal component that is suitable for any skin type.
It contains unique essential oils, B and P vitamins, minerals and other beneficial active substances, and most importantly, phytoestrogens. The effect of sage extract on the skin of the face is quite wide and effective. It gives the skin radiance, fills it with energy, keeping it youthful, tightens pores, has a beneficial effect on acne, restores complexion, protects against UV rays, softens, soothes the skin, tones. Also in the formula of the cream are hyaluronic acid and allantoin. In combination, they have a calming and softening effect, work on firmness and elasticity.

Allantoin is one of the most common ingredients in cosmetics. It has a regenerating effect, softens and soothes the skin, protects it from the negative effects of external factors. Choose a cream that suits you, but do not forget that the products work effectively, and its components penetrate deep into the skin only under the condition of high-quality cleansing.

keep your look youthful, Tiande

Ultra Gentle Cleanser with tea leaf extract

  • Effectively removes skin impurities and excess shine
  • Provides antioxidant effect
  • Does not leave a feeling of tightness, moisturizes

Suitable for all skin types

Skin cleansing is the first and one of the most important steps in skin care.

Gel from the Herbal Energies range gently but effectively cleanses the skin, removing impurities and excess shine. The agent acts quite delicately. After the washing procedure, there is no feeling of tightness and dryness on the skin of the face.

At the same time, the product not only cleanses, but also protects the skin. The gel contains green tea leaf extract, which is known to be an excellent natural antioxidant and protector from UV rays. In addition, it controls the work of the sebaceous glands, soothes and refreshes the skin.

Ultra Gentle Cleanser will be appreciated by owners of oily and combination skin, which produces an increased amount of sebum and at the same time does not tolerate cleansing “to a squeak”, reacting to harsh detergent components with even more secretions (such a protective reaction).

The gel is also suitable for normal to sensitive dry skin.

Aqua Eye Gel for Face

Antioxidant Facial Peel Extra cleansing and protection

  • Gently removes dead skin cells, moisturizes and softens
  • Accelerates cell renewal processes, tightens pores
  • Improves complexion, gives radiance and a healthy glow
  • Helps to increase the natural hydration of the skin

Active ingredients:

  • Malic AHA-acid → removal of dead cells, skin renewal
  • Cordyceps extract → protection from free radicals and
    anti-aging action
  • Green tea extract → antioxidant and antibacterial protection

    For all skin types, including sensitive

Peeling is an additional, but very important stage of cleansing and care. Using peeling and deep cleansing of the skin, you free it from the “shell” of dead cells and open the way for the nutrients of other cosmetics.

Peeling instantly cleanses the skin due to mechanical action on the principle of rolling, and also has a prolonged effect due to fruit AHA-acid (malic), which dissolves intercellular bonds between keratinized scales, contributing to their further desquamation (removal), while the processes of epidermis renewal and production are activated.

This peeling not only cleanses the skin, but also protects it from premature aging caused by free radicals: it contains a powerful antioxidant complex with extracts of cordyceps and green tea.

Peeling acts gently, therefore it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

The result of the complex use of Herbal Energies products is noticeable from the very first application. The skin is hydrated, supple, elastic - daily protection all year round!

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