Face Serum & Primer

Perfect in everything:
Face Serum & Primer

Complex care + flawless makeup

  • Provides complex moisturizing care;
  • normalizes hydro-lipid balance;
  • improves the protective properties of the skin;
  • soothes and improves the skin condition after cosmetological procedures (peeling or cleansing);
  • prepares the skin for makeup; makes it elastic, smoothes irregularities and flaking;
  • makes the pores less visible and provides the control of excess sebum production in the T-zone.

    Enhanced with witch hazel extract, a soothing, toning up and antibacterial ingredient.

All girls of the planet may be conveniently divided into two groups: some just love experiments and bright makeup, and some, on the contrary, prefers natural beauty and nude-styled makeup.

Regardless of the group you believe you belong to, your skin needs care. If it is all clear with the experiment devotees (a lot of decorative cosmetics, many used beauty tricks and makeup lifehacks that may damage the skin), then why would the girls who do not use makeup at all and do not overload their skin need to take care of it?

The answer to these questions seems banal, but who would refuse to postpone the moment of age changes appearing on your face? So, taking care of facial skin in youth is required to look much younger than your biological age at a mature age. In addition, you should not forget about factors that negatively influence the skin of every single resident of the planet Earth regardless of them using decorative cosmetics or not, of their skin being dry or greasy or of them studying remotely or going to urban jungle every day.

Applying serum is especially important and extremely required during the facial skin care. Usually serums contain a high concentration of active ingredients, are absorbed momentarily and do not leave a greasy film on the skin. Excluding this stage from the ritual of caring for the young skin is not recommended, for serums provide moisturizing, regenerative and rejuvenating effect on the cells and tissues of epidermis that were injured or irritated. Injuries and irritations may be caused by low-quality decorative cosmetics, its incorrect use, unreasonable facial care, ignoring makeup removal for the night and many other factors. Therefore, for the skin texture to be smooth, without any rash or fractures, and for your makeup to look expensively and professionally, you should use serum before applying decorative cosmetics.

Another important factor is required for spectacular and tough makeup, which is primer application. Primer not only influences on the time of concealer staying on the skin, it also helps get rid of widened pores and other problems with skin texture. But, most importantly, primer serves as protection of the skin from applied makeup. You cannot even imagine how many microparticles of concealer, liquid blush and highlighter get stuck in the pores and serve as catalyst for rash, irritation and many other problems.

To make the morning care ritual easier, the specialists of the corporation decided to unite these two most required stages of caring for the young skin and create a single product, FreshClick primer serum.

The light facial primer serum provides highly nutritious, regenerative, restoring and protective effects on the skin. It soothes and improves the skin condition after cosmetological procedures like peeling or cleaning. It is able to make the pores less prominent and ensure the control of excess sebum production in the T-zone.

The primer serum will help prepare your skin for makeup, hiding its imperfections before applying the concealer, making it more elastic and smoothening irregularities and flaking.

The composition of the serum includes the restoring and moisturizing Cactus Extract complex, sodium hyaluronate and the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory ingredient of chlorphenesin, which we have already talked about.

In addition, the composition is enhanced with the witch-hazel extract which supports the removal of rashes of any origin and reduction of inflammatory processes. The witch-hazel extract also helps narrow the pores down, strengthen the walls of capillaries and vessels and speed up the skin cell regeneration. The product will help make your skin more elastic and even out its relief, therefore creating an excellent base for application of even and perfect layer of concealer.

You can fix the makeup with the primer serum and make it tougher. The primer serum improves the intracellular metabolism and acts as the efficient protection of skin from external influence. Also the primer serum acts as a reliable barrier between the decorative cosmetics and facial skin.

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