Sheep Placenta line

Complex care program for facial skin recommended for everyday use for age 35+

Cosmetics from the Sheep Placenta line are based on the cult anti-aging ingredient –  the placenta extract. This active substance is perfectly compatible with human skin. The placental cosmetic helps the aging skin cells recall youth and gain the required nourishment for active reproduction and regeneration of dermal cells.

The unique ingredient stimulates production of collagen and elastin and adds youth energy to skin.

Other active substances combined with placenta provide quality deep hydration, nourishment and protection.



After regular use of these products you will see that your wrinkles are reduced, top layer of your skin becomes even and the skin is elastic and smooth.

The colour of your skin gets bright and fresh as if you had only just returned from a seaside holiday.

Elasticity of the skin visibly increases. Be ready for your lady friends asking for the secret of your young look.

Sheep Placenta series contain placental extract

The word “placenta” harkens back to the days when our infant skin was delicate and we, under the loving protection of our mother’s wing, received everything essential for life without effort or a care in the world. Placenta cosmetics include products that help aging skin cells “remember” their lost youth and obtain the nutrition required for active division and growth “in a saucer,” just ”asreceived by infants.

The placenta is an organ onnecting the mother’s body and the developing-child during pregnancy. It is a wellspring of biologically-active beneficial compounds.

Sheep Placenta is used in the manufacture of cosmetic products in the Sheep Placenta line because it is the most compatible with human skin components.

Manufacturers achieve a high degree of extract purification using a high-tech extraction method. This method guarantees the complete safety of the yielded product. What’s more, all of the components determining the placenta’s considerable value are preserved.

The history of placenta rejuvenation dates back to 1912, when Professor Alexis Carrel (Switzerland) identified an active substance capable of restoring cells. A Swiss doctor Paul Niehans used Carrel’s experiments to design the treatment method with use of living cells. Thirteen years later, Japanese scientist Shan Dao succeeded in obtaining the extract of sheep placenta.

Placenta use started long before scientific discoveries:
• placenta was used as a rejeuvenating product as far back as the days of Cleopatra.The first scientific explanations of placental healing properties are found in the writings of Hippocrates and Avicenna;

• in China, placenta was known as “the boat on a violet river” on which an infant came into the world. When an infant was born, his afterbirth was collected and dried; if a severe disease developed, it was used to prepare an infusion that was then given to the patient. This remedy was considered extremely effective in stimulating the body’s own protective resources;

• after delivery, Russian midwifes recommended burying the placenta under a threshold (ancestral resting place) or in a pit in which a tree was then planted as a symbolic sibling of the born child.

Placental extract is a product obtained via hydrolysis (breaking up) of the placental tissue, which is a unique natural complex containing proteins, amino acids, polysaccharides, lipids, enzymes, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and microelements.

How do placenta cosmetic products work?

  • Stimulate the “protein of youth”: the composition of the protein contained in sheep placenta is very similar to the basic building-block protein of human skin, i.e. collagen, whose natural production drops off dramatically by age 35, resulting in the onset of lines and wrinkles.
  • “Block” free radicals: free radicals are the convicted criminals behind premature aging. Skin collagen is most susceptible to them, because radical molecules prevent the free movement of collagen fiber molecules. As a result, they form bundles, lose resiliency and become rigid.
  • Reduce transepidermal moisture loss: amino acids in the placental extract create a protective film on the skin that prevents moisture loss without impeding cellular respiration.
  • Provide rich cell nutrition: placental extract contains a complex of nutrients that includes amino acids, enzymes, mineral substances and many others.
  • Enhance “cosmetic immunity”: the skin is an immuno-competent organ. This means that it’s responsible for its own immunity! For this purpose, the skin is armed with an entire system of immune cells; Langergance cells exercise contol, lymphocyte cells “bombard” the enemy and macrophage cells “finish off” any foreign agents.

The skin is the body’s shield — it’s tasked with constantly repulsing attacks from the outside world. But the skin’s own protective system is often outmatched, with victory going to the agressor.

As a result, dermatitis, eczema, acne and other cosmetic problems reduce and become more manageable.

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