Perfectly moisturizes the skin

Collagen & Algae Facial Essence

Firms and Moisturizes

Facial essence -exstra portion of skin care

Collagen & Algae facial essence

High quality hydration = Radiant skin

  • Light texture
  • Suitable for moisturizing oily skin
  • Perfectly moisturizes the skin
  • Maintains density and firmness
  • Ideal as a basic treatment and for preparing the skin for a denser  cream

What is inside?

Collagen extrat

  • moisturizes the skin, increases its firmness and elasticity, improves microrelief, has an instant lifting effect.

 Sodiun hyaluronate

  • intensively moisturizes the skin,increases turgor, smoothes finewrinkles.

Phyllacantha fibrosa extract

  • promotes effective hydration,improves skin tone and elasticity.


  • moisturizes, reduces flaking,restores skin elasticity.

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