Intimate Care - Sanitary Pads

TianDe sanitary prophylactic and therapeutic pads have been developed by researchers at the National Centre of Medicine and Pharmacology, using China -based methods of traditional Chinese medicine. With the development of sanitary pads, leading medical technology using patented phyto composition from extracts of medicinal herbs and essential oils was used.

TianDe feminine hygiene products normalize the acid-based balance of female genital mutilation, suppress the activity of pathogenic bacteria life, favour the rebuilding of a healthy vaginal micro-flora, improve local blood circulation, eliminate swelling in the genital area, remove the symptoms of stasis, soften the impact, pain, reduce symptoms of climacteric syndrome, consolidate the results achieved during complex treatments, increase the sensitivity of microorganisms to antimicrobial preparations, increase pelvic muscle tension and improve the overall quality of life.

How it works?

  • The latest technology ensures the production of sanitary napkins’ bumpy surface structure, their air permeability of the base layer, made with 100% natural cotton. This ensures the highest degree of hygroscopicity of the pads and excludes the possibility of stasis symptoms, prevents irritation, burning and itching.

  • Phytoncides and essential oils contained in sanitary napkins have a very close contact with the genital mucosa, which contains a large amount of blood vessels and nerve plexus. They sensitive penetrate into the woman’s body, exerting a local effect and an overall healing (they operate on the principle of dry compress).

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