The new generation of protein shakes!

Protein shake

It is comfortable to carry around!

For several years one of the top directions in the corporation’s assortment has been the collection of sensible nutrition products helping saturate the organism with all required macro- and microelements, vitamins and, most importantly, protein! This all allows keeping the weight normal and the health excellent!

The company successfully goes on developing this direction, going even further, and creates a product specifically for women, their excellent state of health and harmony!

The protein shake with carob and linseed is an exclusive development of the corporation, an innovative low-calorie product based on the high-quality milk whey protein and mixture of plant proteins (out of hemp, pumpkin and linen) to support the body during diets and keeping the weight normal during the natural alteration of the body. What alteration are we talking about? Hormonal, of course.

The protein shake considers the requirements of female body during various ages and various emotional conditions. The premenstrual syndrome and the menopause (climax) are physically and psychoemotional difficult periods for women. The shake will help them stabilize their mood changes, ‘make amends’ with the physiological requirements of their state and reduce their weight.

The single portion of shake contains merely 65 kilocalories. You can supply any meal with the shake, consume it instead of dinner, having added a lot of greens, or organize a snack at a reasonable time.

Every package is a single portion. This format allows carrying the protein shake around. It takes a little place in the bag and is comfortable to use (you do not have to measure the volume).

It promotes a calm emotional state, normalizes sleep and reduces appetite during natural hormonal changes in a woman's body.

You need to whip the contents of the package in a shaker or a blender, having added 200 ml of skim milk of room temperature. You may use plant milk. When mixed with water, the taste of the shake will not be as bright, but it will be pleasant.

The active ingredients of the shake provide necessary protein to the body, reduce the affinity for sweets and fatty food, support fat-burning, improve durability and reduce blood sugar.

This is a natural product containing high-quality protein of four types and natural amino acids, including BCAA (‘sports’ amino acids). It is enhanced with L-carnitine L-tartrate, vitamin C, chromium picolinate, alpha lipoic acid and sodium hyaluronate.

The protein shake with carob and linseed does not contain GMO, soy, caffeine, flavor enhancers, preserving agents or synthetic colorants. There are no synthetic vitamin premixes! There are only natural components.

The protein shake with carob and linseed is a product made for women.

But men may use it too. In this case it will be a source of high-quality protein and a helper on the way to a slim body.

The source of female attractiveness and health!

It supports calm emotional state, normalizes sleep and reduces food cravings during the natural hormonal changes in the female body.

  • Weight loss
  • Body support during diets
  • Anxiety relief and mood improvement
  • Construction material for body cells
  • Improvement of hair, skin and nails condition

The protein shake with carob and linseed is a source of high-quality protein which supports weight reduction and improvement of skin and hair quality. This is a general improvement of health condition and additional energy.

Important: according to various data, all body cells completely renew once per 7 years. For instance, at the age of 45 a person will not have a single ten-year-old cell of theirs. And the materials out of which the body will be constructed depend only on the person’s choice now and every day. Only you select the construction material for your cells (the main construction material being protein). And regular consumption of high-quality protein is some kind of ‘conservation’ of female beauty. Yes, you feel excellent today; yes, excess weight goes away quicker and easier; yes, your skin looks younger, your nails become stronger and your hair shines.
But high-quality nutrition today and protein of full value in your diet today is the investment in healthy organs, good skin and balanced function of all body systems in 5-7-10 years.

Protein improves metabolism, saturates muscle tissue and ensures the sense of fullness for some hours, because it is digested for a long time. Due to protein the transportation of vitamins and minerals in the body is performed. Proteins are like taxis in the body. Protein helps supporting skin tone and elasticity.

Excess weight is gone faster, because fat is burnt only due to participation of enzyme proteins. And digestion of protein requires 30% more energy than that of carbohydrates or fats. This is why the body uses its own stored fat to do so.

And one more interesting fact: the lack of protein causes inner compulsion for sweets. If you urgently want a piece of cake so that your hands shake, just drink the protein shake with carob and linseed.

In harmony with yourself!

The protein shake with carob and linseed is a support during mood changes and protection from overeating caused by them!

Women often eat their anxiety and ‘emotional rollercoaster’. Normal content of protein in the diet reduces appetite and sweet cravings.

PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is a complex of symptoms of physical and psychoemotional condition of women appearing some days before the menstruation.

  • Irritability, tearfulness, aggressiveness;
  • headache, nausea, vomiting, pressure jumps;
  • hormonal disorders: breast tenderness, edemas, increase of body temperature, chills, thirst;
  • high affinity for sweets, desire to eat a lot and chew constantly

Menopause is a complete cessation of menstrual cycles of women. This is a period accompanied by physical and psychological discomfort.

  • Flushes: sudden feelings of heat that may be accompanied by excessive sweating, heartbeat and anxiety;
  • increased night sweating;
  • insomnia, problems with falling asleep and sleep quality; constant feeling of fatigue and irritability;
  • absence of appetite quickly changes for uncontrolled food consumption.

Women often eat their anxiety and ‘emotional rollercoaster’.
Normal content of protein in the diet reduces appetite and sweet cravings.

We have already stated that women need protein shake during the period of natural alteration of their bodies. Let us make it clear which period it is.

What is PMS?

PMS is the premenstrual syndrome. It does not happen to all women; more exactly, PMS does not cause specific discomfort to some women and goes by unnoticed.
This is a complex of regular symptoms of disruptions of physical and psychoemotional condition appearing some days before the menstruation.
It takes place differently to everyone, but there are common features.

One of the basic features is the condition that is so uncomfortable and emotionally unstable that women try to find balance and, as a result, buy a lot of unnecessary things or constantly eat something. Sometimes both. Due to this, a short-term feeling of balance and calmness appears. In psychology, this phenomenon is also called closing your hole. The matter is that women literally live a living hell. The opinion that women are driven by hormones is correct, but only partially. If you know what hormones ‘want’ from you, you can stay one step ahead.

During the first phase of the menstrual cycle estrogen is the most important thing. The working capacity is high, the state of health is great and the mood is excellent. During this period, women make a lot of plans, decide to take control over their figures and health, purchase gym memberships, enroll to studies, etc. Generally, they are active and joyful.

During the second phase the progesterone time comes. All systems and organs expect probable impregnation. The higher progesterone level is, the less energy there is. You want to sleep, lie down and lounge. If you think about skipping the gym, most probably, you have the second phase of the cycle. The body guards the women from excess load (who knows – maybe she’s pregnant?). Another bonus of the second phase is edemas. The body saves excess liquid in case that there is a baby. It is easy to gain weight during the second phase of the cycle. Ideally, women are able to gain only 2 kg during this period. One of them is water, and the other is stored fat. Chocolates and buns were kept this way.

Appetite during this time is normal. But you do know what is happening, so you can control the process. Keep a proper diet: reduce the quantity of sweets, baked goods and smoked meat. Increase the consumption of protein! This is really important, and not only for the figure. Simple carbohydrates increase sleepiness, and you have fatigue. Refined fats increase the painfulness of the menstruation. And complex carbohydrates will give you energy, high-quality proteins will support all body processes and lean fats containing omega-3 fatty acids will provide anti-inflammatory and analgetic effects. You should not give up water! The body always needs it, but you should not consume products keeping water in your body, like oversalted and spicy food, alcohol and coffee.

Let us return to the hormones. The levels of estrogen and progesterone at first increase and then, right before the menstruation, rapidly fall, and this may cause anxiety, irritability and mood changes, because they modulate activity in the zones of the brain that are connected to PMS symptoms. The level of endorphins (joy hormones) significantly lowers, and the brain hints you to buy something (those may be the shoes that are 2 sizes smaller than needed – don’t care) or, even better, to eat! Those should be simple carbohydrates, something fried or a cake! A CAKE! Now that is much better!


High-quality protein in the diet reduces appetite and significantly reduces affinity for sweets.
This protects women from overeating.

But the composition of the ‘women’s’ shake is enhanced with a range of components stabilizing their condition on a physical level. We will talk about it separately.

PMS has more than 10 symptoms, and their combination is individual for every woman.

Neuropsychic disturbances: irritability, tearfulness and aggression. Women take it out on their nearest ones and can become upset because of something trivial. The way from tears to laughter is very short.

Vegetative (nervous) disturbances: headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, arterial pressure jumps, rapid heartbeat.

Hormonal disturbances: breast tenderness, edemas, increase of body temperature, chills, increased amount of gas in intestine, itch and labored breathing.


Menopause is another complicated period of women’s life. It does not come immediately; perimenopausal period lasts about 4 years. The cycle becomes longer and menstruations become irregular. Normally, menopause occurs within the period from 45 to 55 years old. Menopause is accompanied by many unpleasant symptoms.

Flushes. Sudden feelings of heat going down from the face. A flush lasts for 2 minutes and is accompanied by excessive sweating and heartbeat.
A feeling of anxiety appears and it seems that there is not enough air. Flushes may occur 2-3 times per day or torture women every hour.

Increased night sweating.  Very ‘torn up’ sleep because of flushes occurring at night as well. Women wake up completely wet several times during the night.

Insomnia. Even if flushes do not torture you, sleep is very light during menopause. It is hard to fall asleep. There is an endless feeling of fatigue and irritability because of sleepless nights.

Psychologically this period is even harder, because for many women menopause equals old age. Alas, aging indeed speeds up. The skin loses its tightness and elasticity and becomes dry; wrinkles are even more visible on the face. Construction of new cells without protein is impossible. Collagen and elastin hardly synthesize by themselves, and these important skin proteins need help.

We are made up of protein!

Every cell of the body contains proteins.

Protein manages many processes:

  • digestion;
  • metabolism;
  • muscle contraction;
  • capacity for growth,
  • reproduction capability,
  • thinking.

The correct balance of animal and plant proteins provides the body with all the essential amino acids.

The perfect formula of the shake:

55%: whey protein
45%: plant protein

One shake portion contains 11 grams of protein!

1 shake portion contains:

  • calories: 65 kcal
  • proteins: 11 g
  • fats: 1.0 g
  • carbohydrates: 2.4 g

Protein is the main construction material of the whole body; it is contained in the cell walls, forms the base of muscles and bone tissues and is present in internal organs (heart, kidneys, etc.).

Proteins form about 20% of mass of the body consisting of various tissues. Due to proteins, the body generates hormones, enzymes and hemoglobin required for normal functioning of internal organs and systems.

To put it easier, proteins take direct part in all processes taking place in the body.

It should be noted that not all proteins work perfectly. Selecting the correct proportion of animal and plant protein is very important. It is not so easy to do it on your own; most probably, you will need the help of a professional dietician.

The formula of protein shake with carob and linseed considers all nuances of protein metabolism!

There is 50–55% of whey protein and 45-50% of plant protein.

One shake portion contains 11 grams of protein!

The body proteins contain 20 amino acids, including 8 essential ones that may get to diet with food only. Animal proteins, like egg, meat or dairy proteins have high biological value and are notable for amino acid balance and good accessibility. But the best option is combining animal and plant products containing 50/50 proteins with a small preponderance of animal protein.

Deficiency of protein leads to lack of energy, fatigue, loss of working capacity, libido reduction (some sex hormones strongly depend on proteins), low infection resistance, slowed-down wound healing and liver and pancreatic gland dysfunction. In case of deficiency of protein the functioning of intestine, nervous and vascular system is disturbed and muscle atrophy takes place.

But you should not live on proteins only. Complex carbohydrates and healthy fats should be in your diet as well.

Perfect protein balance

Whey protein (55%)

is a product of high biological value. It is obtained from milk whey. Its indicators of biological value are higher than those of all other proteins.

Its amino acid composition is very similar to the composition of acids in the muscles.

Plant protein of pumpkin, hemp and linen (45%) contains:

- nonessential and essential amino acids;
- omega-3 fatty acids;
- vitamins, including those of B group;
- macro- and microelements: magnesium, potassium, sodium, copper, iron, zinc, etc.

The shake contains 50-55% of whey (animal) protein + 50-45% of hemp, pumpkin and linen (plant) protein. It is a perfect classical combination!

Whey protein is a product of high biological value. It is obtained from milk whey. It is close to a ‘perfect’ protein (egg protein is considered to be such) and contains nonessential and essential amino acids required for normal body function. Its main feature is extra fast accessibility. It is irreplaceable when it comes to burning fat and correct development of muscle mass.

Plant protein in the shake is a mix of healthy proteins.

Hemp protein is made out of oil-free hemp seeds. It positively influences the blood composition and improves the functioning of cardiovascular system. It has antiparasitic action and cleans the body from toxins and wastes. It is important for preventive treatment of function of liver and bile ducts and it prevents the formation of gall stones and sand. It strengthens the immunity and protects you from stresses.

Macro- and microelements (calcium, magnesium and iron) contained in the protein participate in the functioning of nervous, muscular and cardiovascular systems, support bone tissue formation and regulate metabolic processes.

B group vitamins included in the protein are required for the functioning of nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as of visual apparatus. They participate in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism and support the muscle mass growth and skin regeneration.

Pumpkin protein is made out of oil-free pumpkin seeds. It helps the function of the heart, liver and nervous system. It reduces the amount of cholesterol and harmful ammonia, improves the state of skin and joints and strengthens bones and teeth. It has a wide range of properties: anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, light diuretic and laxative; it also strengthens the immunity. It contains macro- and microelements: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, copper, iron and zinc.

Linen protein favourably influences the digestive process. It is useful in atherosclerosis and hypertension, liver and gastrointestinal tract diseases and those of cardiovascular system. Linen protein contains practically all amino acids essential for human body: lysine, threonine, valine, methionine, leucine and phenylalanine, as well as histidine and arginine. Besides, it includes omega-3 fatty acids.
Linen protein is completely consumed by the body and improves metabolism.
It helps restore the muscles after physical loads. It reduces blood cholesterol and strengthens the immunity. It supports the functions of all internal organs and body systems and provides a burst of energy. Proteins of linseeds are equal to milk proteins in terms of amino acid score (indicator of biological value of the protein).

Headliners of the shake

Carob (dried pulp of locust tree beans) is a healthy substitute for chocolate.

  • It reduces the feeling of hunger and normalizes the bowels;
  • helps to improve immunity and stabilize pressure;
  • has a beneficial effect on skin condition;
  • reduces irritability and aggressiveness, has a calming effect.

Lipoic acid is the protector of cells and appetite controller. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps launch the process of fat burning, regulates blood sugar and slows down skin aging.

The main feature of the shake is the content of effective components working excellently to support the female organism.

One of the main components is carob.

This is the powder made out of dried fruit (pods) of a subtropical evergreen plant of bean family, which is locust tree. It is often used as a substitute of cocoa powder.

Carob has a similar taste, but does not contain caffeine and theobromine and does not cause addiction or allergy. It gives the shake a soft chocolate taste.

Carob contains tanning agents that are able to link toxins and get them out of the body. It is rich in antioxidants and therefore successfully fights free radicals.

Due to large amount of fibers and healthy enzymes carob helps normalize the digestive process. Combines with antioxidants, it manages to clear the body of harmful substances.

Carob has a very rich composition:
saturated fatty acids, food fibers, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, iron, phosphorus, pinitol, sodium, magnesium, choline, calcium, potassium, B group vitamins, vitamin C and more.

Carob contained in the shake:

  • reduces appetite;
  • helps to improve immunity;
  • has a beneficial effect on skin condition;
  • helps to stabilize pressure;
  • reduces irritability and aggressiveness and has a calming effect.

During the climacteric period, many women start experiencing pressure jumps; irritability and even aggressiveness appear.

Another important component included is alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). This is a vitamin-like substance closely connected to vitamins C and E and one of the powerful antioxidants reducing the consequences of oxidative stress and normalizing metabolic processes. It is a catalyst for other antioxidants. It is important for the residents of megalopolises and people put under pressure and fatigue (both physical and psychological).

People often eat not because they are hungry, but due to other reasons.

  • We have already talked about stress eating.
  • Food as a delight or award for something (‘I worked well, so I can eat.’ ‘I have washed the window. Where is my pork chop?’).
  • Food as a divide: you ended working on one thing, and you need a break before starting another. What should you do during the break? That’s right. Eat!
  • Sometimes people eat socially.
  • Just seeing food and thinking about it make us eat.

Alpha-lipoic acid influences the brain in such a way that you will not feel the desire to eat food upon seeing it if you are not hungry. In other words, your brain will signalize about hunger when you really need food.

ALA significantly influences the transformation of glucose into energy. It means that during digestion both healthy substances obtained from food and all sugar transforming into additional energy instead of forming your sides and joining the stored fat are efficiently consumed.

Alpha-lipoic acid helps you recover after long-time loads due to its antioxidant effects as well. During workload, free radicals form and the oxidative process inside muscle fibres grows. ALA stops the destruction of proteins and cells with free radicals.

Those are not all healthy components that the shake contains.

Protein shake with carob and linseed is the source of:

  • natural amino acids for correct body function and its support during stresses and loads:
  • ВСАА (‘sports’ trio: leucine, isoleucine and valine);
  • methionine, cystine, tryptophane, arginine, etc.;
  • L-carnitine L-tartrate (natural fat burner);
  • chromium picolinate that helps reduce cravings for sugary and fatty foods and lowers blood sugar levels;
  • sodium hyaluronate that helps to replenish the level of the body's own hyaluronic acid, which decreases with age;
  • vitamin C and other active substances.

Recall what you eat every day (of course, if you are not a eutrophy protagonist that knows all details of rational nutrition).

Potatoes, soups, dumplings and much more homemade, delicious, but not too healthy dishes, snacks with cookies, chocolate and sweet tea… If you see what macronutrients are contained in such a diet, it will become clear that you feel the deficiency of plant protein and get too many animal proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

For proper function, the organism needs not only correct proteins, but amino acids, vitamins and microelements.

Protein shake with carob and linseed from the beauty and health corporation will help replenish the lack of important elements in your body

For proper function the organism needs amino acids.
‘Intelligent’, ‘sports’ and ‘restoring’ ones – each amino acid in the protein shake works due to its own direction.

ВСАА is a complex of essential amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine). They form 35% of all amino acids in the muscles and are the important material for constructing new muscle structures. Advances sportspeople know it well that if you want to achieve beautiful body and maximum results, you should include the complex of these ‘sports’ amino acids. During the workout they work as a source of fuel and afterwards they restore muscle fibers and reduce tiredness. Most often BCAA are mentioned in the context of sports nutrition, but it has already been proven that these amino acids are healthy not only for physically active people. They are successfully used in anti-age programs, applied for improvement of concentration, brain working capacity and support of functionality of the whole body.

There is an important nuance: if the shake contains leucine, isoleucine and valine, it does not always mean BCAA, because they work as a complex if their proportion is correct (2:1:1). The protein shake with carob and linseed contains this very proportion of these amino acids.

Tryptophane is the mood ‘regulator’ required for the production of serotonin, the hormone of joy. This is the amino acid supporting the work of heart and positively influencing intestinal peristalsis. The substance has an incredibly wide range of positive kinds of influence on the body. Tryptophane is used to fight insomnia and sleep rhythms, during depressive conditions and anxiety. It was also noticed that the presence of enough quantity of this amino acid in the body reduces the premenstrual syndrome symptoms and makes giving up smoking easier, and it also helps professional sportspeople improve their results.

Tryptophane suppresses appetite. This is especially important when excess weight is related to overeating due to psychological condition. As we have made it clear, overeating is a standard display of discomfort during PMS and menopause. On the one hand, tryptophane calms you down, and on the other hand, it prolongs the sensation of being full.

Methionine plays an important role in protein synthesis and has fat-soluble properties that help it prevent the deposition of lipids in liver. It is well known for its antioxidant properties. This amino acid reacts with harmful substances, protecting the cells from destruction, and can support body cleaning from toxins and heavy metals.

Cystine is the construction material for proteins and an antioxidant. It normalizes fat metabolism and participates in DNA restoration.

Phenylalanine is useful for the central nervous system due to its ability to improve your mood, get rid of anxiety and support the attentions concentration.

Arginine. This amino acid is able to improve your mood and helps fight depressions. It prevents the development of oxidative stress, prevents cells from aging and supports strengthening of immunity and durability.

Histidine is included in many enzymes. This amino acid helps the growth and regeneration of cells and strengthens immunity. Without it, the body is unable to resist stresses.

  • Do you experience physical and mental workload?
  • Do you sometimes think where to get power and energy?

To find the answer, the beauty and health corporation included L-carnitine L-tartrate into the shake.

L-carnitine L-tartrate is a natural substance produced in human body. It is synthesized in kidneys and liver and is included in muscle composition. It is some kind of a fat burner, for its main function is transfer of fatty acids to the cells where they are then burnt and form energy. Also L-carnitine L-tartrate supports removing harmful substances forming as a result of sped up metabolism during physical exercises and sports from the body.

The scientists have proven that L-carnitine L-tartrate plays an important role in health supports and long life.
With age and upon the influence of various factors (diseases, stresses, unbalanced nutrition and sedentary lifestyle) the level of L-carnitine L-tartrate decreases, and, as a result, the body produces less energy. It means that L-carnitine L-tartrate improves the durability of the body, reduces fatigue, nourishes brain cells, improves mental activity and activates fat metabolism.

What else does the body need? Vitamins!
The protein shake with carob and linseed contains optimal content of vitamin C.

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Perhaps this is the most popular basic vitamin and practically everybody knows about its useful properties. It positively influences immunity, health and youth of all cells and favourably influences the skin condition.

Vitamin C is not stored in human body, so we need to replenish its stock every day. Ascorbic acid is also spent very quickly: in case of its excess it is completely removed from the body in 4 hours.

The source of ascorbic acid is plant food (vegetables, fruit and berries).
BUT! In order for the body to get vitamin C from them, they should be very fresh!

Just think how much vitamin C there is in fruit delivered for some months and then staying on the shop shelves for months? Extremely little!

The substance is destroyed under the impact of sunlight and high temperatures. This is why incorrect storage conditions and thermal treatment of products can lead to vitamin C deficiency.

In case of deficiency of vitamin C you feel tiredness and quick fatigue and stresses become lengthy and even chronic; in case of its acute deficiency joints begin bothering you and you become prone to lengthy cold-related diseases.

Considering quality and ‘healthiness’ of shop products and modern pollution of cities, you should not consider that we get enough vitamin C (even if we eat fresh vegetables and fruit all year round). We need daily additional support of ascorbic acid from the outside.
Another important component of the shake is chromium!

Stresses, nervousness, constantly being busy, giving up another diet… We got used to eat your problems with sweet things without even thinking what circumstances another bun or chocolate bar may bring us to.
Plenty of such ‘helpers’ may become the reason of chromium deficiency. And this will be seen not only due to your figure, but blood sugar level as well.

Chromium helps the body consume sugar, and it means that it supports the normal glucose level.
Chromium is required for synthesis and correct consumption of carbohydrates releasing energy.

Active and correct consumption of carbohydrates is the guarantee of absence of excess fat. Using organic fertilizers and pollution of soil and water lead to reduction of chromium content in the food products. The source of chromium in the shakes manufactured by the corporation is chromium picolinate.
Chromium picolinate is a compound of chromium microelement and picolinic acid.

The next component of the shake will help you look younger than you are, make your mates jealous and get a lot of compliments. This is the famous sodium hyaluronate. You should know a lot about this popular and efficient component which improves the skin elasticity and therefore is included in the composition of many cosmetic products. It performs the same function in the shakes manufactured by the corporation.

Sodium hyaluronate supports your beauty and youth from the inside! It improves the production of collagen, supports the health of joints and moisturizes the skin. It supports replenishment of the level of body’s own hyaluronic acid which reduced with age.

The most important difference of sodium hyaluronate from hyaluronic acid is that it is a more stable substance less prone to oxidation.

Due to their functions in the body they are practically identical. It should be understood that young and healthy skin means good hyaluronic frame. Collagen fibers work like springs, creating volume and tightness, and the intercellular space should be well-moisturized for the fibers not to hand. Hyaluronic acid fills the intercellular space, and the more of it there is, the better. Hyaluronic acid as the sodium salt (sodium hyaluronate) is naturally contained in the skin, tendons, heart valves, plasma and other body tissues.

Stevia sweetener. Stevia is known for its high sweetness, absence of calories and many useful properties. These special features determine its use as a natural sugar substitute. The sweetness of the plant is concentrated in its leaves. The stevia extract makes the shake taste delicately and pleasantly.

For whom is the protein shake with carob and linseed created?

  • For women of climacteric age
  • For girls and women who are no strangers to PMS
  • For those who want to support their slimness, beauty, youth and health

The protein shake with carob and linseed will become a perfect support for women of climacteric age.
We have already said that during this very period many women feel pressure jumps; hormones begin taking over, causing mood changes, irritability and even aggression. Active ingredients of the product support stress neutralization, improvement of mood and normalization of sleep.

The shake will be a favourite for women who are no strangers to PMS.
Most ones of fair sex feel radical changes of their behavior and mood during the pre-menstrual period. Increased fatigue, irritability and tearfulness are not the only signs of PMS. The appetite control is often lost, and a constant desire to eat something tasty and calorific appears. The balanced composition of the shake will help support the female body during this period, reduce the affinity for over-eating, improve the mood and working capacity.

The shake will be liked by all girls and women who want to support their slimness, beauty, youth and health.
High-quality protein, natural amino acids, microelements, antioxidants and other active ingredients included in the shake support appetite reduction, formation of slim figure, improvement of immunity and pressure stabilization. They have a good effect on the condition of skin, hair and nails.

Protein shake with carob and linseed exclusively for ladies!

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