Express freshness and youthful look!

Ocean Riches Red Algae & Yuzu Hydrogel Eye Patches

These are real lifesaving products!

To the one who created the patches for the eyelids, women are simply obliged to erect a monument!

These are real lifesaving products!

In minutes, these little beauty products do a great job!

They will help if you suddenly didn’t get enough sleep and got up with swelling and bruising under the eyes, if the skin around the eyes needs additional nutrition and hydration, etc.

We are sure that eye patches should be in the range of cosmetics for every woman. Not even just in case, but for use by the course. TianDe Ocean Riches Red Algae & Yuzu Hydrogel Eye Patches are perfect for this.

There are 60 patches in the package, which means a whole month of daily use and a 100% result!

The result is: freshness and youthful look!

 suitable for any skin type and almost any age;

60 patches per pack = a month of daily use!

  • From edema
  • From dark circles
  • From wrinkles
  • From bags under the eyes

Why patches and not a cream around the eyes (one does not exclude the other, by the way)?

You can also use a cream, but patches have obvious advantages:

- ease of use - you can fix the patches under the eyes and go do your business while they do their job;

- versatility - suitable for any skin type and almost any age;

- complex and cumulative effect - with constant use, you will notice an improvement in the general condition of the skin of the face.

Transform the area around the eyes!

Transform the area around the eyes!

In just 15 minutes:

  • minimize the puffiness;
  • smooth facial wrinkles;
  • replenish the level of moisture;
  • refresh the area around the eyes.

For maximum effect, use the patches chilled!

Hydrogel patches can be safely called a multifunctional product. Firstly, they can be placed not only under the eyes, but also on the area of the nasolabial folds, as well as on the forehead. And secondly, the effect of them is multilateral.

Patches in just 15 minutes eliminate the signs of lack of sleep (dark circles, bags under the eyes, puffiness), moisturize and nourish the delicate skin around the eyes, even out the relief, eliminating and smoothing wrinkles.

To achieve maximum effect, patches are recommended to be used chilled. To do this, place the pack of patches in the refrigerator and take out a couple before use.

Contains unique anti-wrinkle phytocomponents!

Contains unique anti-wrinkle phytocomponents!

Red algae
Yuzu citrus
Cognac mannan
Sodium hyaluronate
Niacinamide (vitamin В3) + allantoin

Ocean Riches hydrogel patches do their job 100% thanks to a rich composition - a formula with active ingredients: red algae and yuzu.

Patches contain unique phytocomponents.

Red algae - contain a large amount of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Moisturize, tighten, increase elasticity, help to fight wrinkles. And this is not all that we owe to algae. Red algae is great for rejuvenating tired and dull skin around the eyes.

Yuzu citrus - a hybrid of tangerine and lemon that saturates the skin with plenty of vitamin C and has antioxidant properties. It helps to eliminate dullness of the skin and fights against early aging. In addition, the extract perfectly moisturizes the epidermis and brightens the skin.

Purslane - has many beneficial properties. But it is in relation to the skin that it works as a powerful rejuvenating substance. In combination with other patch components, it gives an anti-age effect: it smoothes wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones. And it also tightens the skin very well.

Mannan cognac. You may have heard about this component before, because this polysaccharide is obtained from the well-known plant Amorphophallus konjac, which is one of TianDe top products, the Konjac sponge. It improves elasticity, tone and protective functions of the skin.

Sodium hyaluronate acts as another powerful moisturizer in the patches.

Niacinamide (vitamin В3) promotes collagen synthesis, protects skin cells from aging.

Ceramides - their functions also include the protection of the epidermis. They perfectly moisturize, reduce dehydration of the skin, restore it.

keep your look youthful, Tiande

Use patches not only under the eyes - in the area of the nasolabial folds and forehead!

Aqua Eye Gel for Face

Ride the wave:
Aqua Eye Gel for Face

The Ocean Riches range is a whole collection of products based on beneficial marine components. In addition to hydrogel patches based on red algae, the range includes a hyaluronic face serum, an eye fluid and a sea urchin-based moisturizing make-up primer.

This exotic component promotes skin rejuvenation, has regenerating properties, restores skin elasticity and tone, and helps to reduce swelling.

Use the products of the all range, give your skin a whole ocean of freshness!

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