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Wash your face with "butter"!

Hydrophilic butter is a gentle melting product for removing makeup even from the most delicate zones (eyes and lips).

Why is it called butter?
- The product composition includes natural butter and oil that beneficially influence the skin
- Gentle texture

Thousands of beauty recipes exist in the modern world! There are folk recipes including plant ingredients available to anybody. There are recipes for supporting youth and beauty with exotic ingredients available to few… And there are very quirky recipes, the efficiency of which is hardly believable.

Apart from that, there are thousands of products for beauty and youth. They can also be simple and clear, exotic, innovative or a bit quirky.

Today we will tell you about an interesting modern product, using which may seem unusual at first. But its effect on the skin, its outstanding characteristics and aroma will definitely impress even the most skeptical consumers.

So, here it is: the makeup removing hydrophilic butter!

Perhaps someone is going to imagine a woman with beautiful makeup standing in the kitchen and moving a lump of unsalted butter over her face… But this fantasy is far from reality, and our butter looks completely different and has a completely different purpose.

The cosmetic product is named butter for two reasons:
- its composition includes natural butter and oil that beneficially influence the skin;
- the texture of the product is very similar to that very butter that melted a bit.

It appears that hydrophilic butter is a gentle product that can be used to remove makeup from the whole face, including the most delicate zones of eyes and lips. After touching the skin, the butter begins melting a bit and turns into a light emulsion after being mixed with water.

Hydrophilic butter is a perfect make-up remover and skin care product.

What is the special feature of the product?

  • Delicate buttery texture
  • It slightly melts after touching the skin
  • It softly and delicately removes makeup
  • It contains natural oils which gently take care of facial skin, eyebrows and eyelashes
  • It does not cause dryness and tightness
  • It excellently softens the skin
  • It leaves the skin clean, soft and smooth, provides delicate aroma 

On day, a German scientist named Michael Babor in the 1950s discovered and patented the method of hydrophilic cleansing.

This method attracted the attention of Asian specialists, who are incredibly sensitive when it comes to the procedures of face cleansing and skin care. The trend was taken up in Japan during the 1970s. Asian beauties prefer the hydrophilic cleansing method till today. And those were the Asian, particularly Korean, manufacturers who launched the hydrophilic cleansing products and brought them to the Olympus of beauty.

The specialists of the TianDe corporation are also incredibly sensitive about skin cleansing and, therefore, having taken the hydrophilic cleansing method as a base, created a modern product that will make any girl of the planet glad!

Hydrophilic butter is a perfect makeup removal product. Its buttery structure melts a bit when touching the skin, softly dissolves the makeup and removes impurities. Due to natural oils in its composition, the butter does not cause the feeling of dryness and tightness and excellently softens the skin.

Theatrical, nude, evening... For any type of make-up

What does it wash away?
- Sebum and skin impurities
- Any products with greasy base
- Decorative cosmetics

How does it take care?
- Gently cleanses
- Has beneficial effects on the skin, making it soft and fresh
- Improves the condition of eyelashes and eyebrows

What is it suitable for?
- For face, neck and décolleté skin
- For all skin types, including very sensitive

Makeup… It may be theatrical, nude, evening or corrective.

There is an enormous number of makeup types and techniques! Makeup is an art and a way of self-expression and demonstration of beautiful and unique facial features. A human face is some kind of canvas, and it needs to be cared for.
No matter how gorgeous the makeup is, it has to be removed, and the softest, the most delicate and the most efficient products should be used for this.

Modern structures of decorative makeup products are created to prolong its term: they are specifically dense and long-lasting. Of course, it is great that now we may allow ourselves to wear perfect makeup all day long without being worried about your face going down the décolleté zone or being where it has to be.

But the medal has two sides, and the second one is far from being as shiny as the first one. The matter is that not all cleansing products are able to cope with dense and long-lasting textures, and bad cleansing of facial skin from decorative cosmetics is fraught with early aging, wrinkles, acne, dull colour and skin dryness. Apart from that, the efficiency of your serums and creams depends on the high-quality and thorough face cleansing. And even if you do not use decorative cosmetics and do not cover your face with a blanket of cosmetic products, you are still familiar with the products of skin work. This means face oil, aka sebum, produced by the skin of every single human on this planet.

You will not need dozens of special accessories and products to dissolve the fats on the skin surface and cleanse it from makeup. All makeup can be removed with a single product dissolving everything – from skin oil to decorative structures.

Cleansing hydrophilic butter is a fantastic product, the composition of which includes 100% natural oils and which transforms into a lighter emulsion when contacting the skin.

1. The butter is able to cope with any impurities, including makeup.

2. The product fits for any skin types. It is perfect for sensitive and especially dry skin.

3. The butter is created for the skin of face, neck and décolleté zone.

4. Apart from cleansing the skin from impurities, the butter supports removing the blackheads, reduces the active production of sebum and controls the work of oil glands.

5. Due to the presence of oils and softening ingredients in its composition, the butter has a beneficial effect on the skin, efficiently softening it and making it fresher.

6. Oils contained in the butter saturate the hair follicles with healthy substances and vitamins. This will benefit the eyelashes and eyebrows.

Hydrophilic butter is a product required for makeup removal and pore cleansing. It is an excellent companion for the products used for classic cleansing with water, like enzyme powder.

How to use?

Hydrophilic butter does not get deep into the skin. It binds the molecules of oil, dirt and decorative products on its surface.

Apply butter to the skin and massage gently until the makeup dissolves Remove light makeup with butter and a cotton pad

Complete the procedure with the following "companions":
- warm water and tonic
- enzyme powder (the best companion of the hydrophilic butter)
- cleansing face foam or gel

Makeup removing hydrophilic butter means the new level of cleansing. For simultaneous removal of makeup from your lips, eyes and face, you need to take a bit of the product with a special spatula (it is enclosed), warm the butter a little between your palms and apply it to the whole face (due to the skin warmth it melts a bit, and upon the contact with water it transforms into a lighter emulsion). Apply the butter to your eyes and lips, as well as to your facial skin, following the massage lines. The butter dissolves the makeup gently and delicately, and everything seems to be removed without any efforts.

You may use one of two ways of using the butter depending on the makeup (or impurities):

1. Apply the butter to the skin and softly massage it for the makeup to dissolve.

2. Light makeup may be removed with the butter and a cotton pad.

You should remember that hydrophilic butter does not get deep into the skin; it only binds the molecules of oil, dirt and concealer on its surface. Hydrophilic butter seemingly rinses all dirt from the pores. The hydrophilic product slowly destroys the lipids of the protective films and seemingly mixes with it.

The logical conclusion of the procedure is washing your face with water (using special cleansing products) or removing the remains of the product with tonic.

The hydrophilic butter should be applied to dry skin not cleansed with other product with dry hands. After getting onto the skin, the hydrophilic butter begins dissolving oils, and it does not need help from other products.

Use a small amount of product, paying attention to skin areas with acne and widened pores. When adding water to the process of cleansing, you should remember that you are not washing the product off, but adding water to turn it into a lighter emulsion. So you should not pour a lot of water over your face.

For the butter to become similar to an emulsion, you should use warm water. It should be washed off with warm water as well.

You should remove the butter from the skin, using the following:
- warm water and facial tonic afterwards (it is a standard recommendation);
- cleansing face foam or gel (for those who like step-by-step cleansing system and the feeling of lightness on the skin);
- enzyme powder (for those who like the feeling of incredible facial cleanliness).

By the way, the specialists of the TianDe corporation recommend namely the enzyme powder as one of the main companions of the hydrophilic butter. It also reacts with water and ensures deep skin cleansing from impurities.

Hydrophilic butter and enzyme powder are recommended for any types of skin, including sensitive.

The main characters

Coconut oil has antiseptic and skin repair properties. It is very efficient for supporting its beauty and health

Karite (Shea)butter stimulates the production of collagen, the protein that is in charge for softness and elasticity of the skin. It is responsible for its youth and freshness

Vitamin Е is an antioxidant protecting skin cells from harmful impact of free radicals, which appear due to ultraviolet radiation and other negative factors of the environment

We have already mentioned what the secret of the hydrophilic butter is. It is time to lay the cards on the table!

The composition includes natural oils! The healthiness of oils for the skin is known for a long time.

For instance, natural coconut oil included in the composition of the hydrophilic butter supports softening the skin, restoration of its pH balance and active production of its own collagen. It has antiseptic properties and is able to restore the skin. Coconut oil contains vitamins and various acids, this is why it is so efficient for supporting the beauty and health of the skin.

Karite butter easily gets into the upper layers of the skin, saturates them with healthy fats and helps preserve the moist. As a result, soft tissues of the skin are filled with volume, and it looks younger. Karite oil also stimulates the production of collagen, which is the protein in charge for softness and elasticity of the skin.

Apart from natural coconut oil and Karite (Shea) butter, the product composition is enriched with vitamin E.
It is a well-known antioxidant protecting skin cells from harmful impact of free radicals, which appear due to ultraviolet radiation and other negative factors of the environment (like exhaust fumes or tobacco smoke). Free radicals destroy the cells and structure of the skin, making the signs of aging appear. Vitamin E protects it from acidity, including the most important lipids, which are the key component of the hydrolipid layer of the skin in charge for its solidness, barrier function and healthy appearance.

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