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Complex Zhenfei Perfect care program for facial skin 
recommended for everyday use for age 35+.


Refined design, perfect texture, efficient and unique ingredients from all over the world. 
The luxury Zhenfei Perfect line is an unmistakable range of cosmetic products for your facial skin care.
All products within this line can be combined. Together they represent complex step-by-step treatment.

The composition of the products is unique. It is formed by a rich complex of plant extracts, natural
oils and bioactive substances. Their effect focuses on intensive rejuvenation, regeneration and
renewal of skin cells and collagen and elastin production.

The efficient formula of the line has a universal anti-ageing effect, renews the skin youth and fills it
with “brilliant” radiation from within.

Top ingredients

Jojoba oil, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, Allantoin, Hydrolysed pea proteins, Acetyl tetrapeptide, Lotus corniculatus extract,
Sea algae extract, Purslane extract, Field horsetail extract, Ivy extract, Shea butter


In three months of regular use of the Zhenfei Perfect products, your skin will feel excellent comfort and firmness. 

It will become soft, elastic, dewy and firm. Swelling and dark circles around the eyes will disappear, 
both minor and deep wrinkles will be less visible. 
Your beauty and youth will become fit again.

Be prepared that the external changes will not come alone: you will feel the sights cast on you.
Your friends will ask you!

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