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Master Herb Anti Acne & Scar Mask 35g

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Anti-Acne and Scars Cleansing Masks are sure to become an important discovery for problem skin. They contain AHA (alpha hydroxyl) and BHA (beta hydroxyl) acids.

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Oily skin is frequently accompanied by scars, which are traces of the long and persistent
fight against acne. It is impossible to “erase” them using scrubs, since these products
target healthy skin: any scrub, even the finest one, will spread the infection over the face
and several eruptions will occur instead of one. Moreover, scrub causes additional injury
to inflamed skin.

Anti-Acne and Scars Cleansing Masks are sure to become an important discovery for
problem skin. They contain AHA (alpha hydroxyl) and BHA (beta hydroxyl) acids.

AHA (alpha hydroxyl) acids are commonly known as “fruit acids” because they were
first discovered in fruit. They include glycolic, lactic, malic, tartaric and other acids.
They gently cleanse the skin from excessive sebum and dead cells, leaving it flawless by
evening skin color and texture.

Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used lactic acid (sour

milk), glycolic acid (sugar-cane juice), tartaric acid (wine
sediment) and other acids (fruit and berry juices) for skin

Glycolic acid is contained in sugar-cane and green grapes. Its molecule has the lowest
weight in the AHA row, therefore, it easily penetrates through the epidermal barrier and
has the most pronounced effect.

Lactic acidis contained in sour milk, yoghurt, whortleberry, passion-flower, maple syrup,

apples, tomato juice and grapes. It has pronounced moisturizing and exfoliation effects.

Malic acid is contained in fruits and vegetables, mainly in apples and tomatoes. It

exfoliates and stimulates cells, intensifying cellular metabolism.

Tartaric acid is contained in mature grapes, old wine and oranges. It has exfoliating,

whitening and moisturizing effects.

Citric acidis contained in the fruit of citrus plants (lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange). It has

a whitening effect on the skin, which is enhanced in the presence of tartaric acid. It has
antioxidant and bactericidal properties.

BHA (beta hydroxyl) acidsare used in combination with fruit acids. The main difference

between AHA- and BHA-acids is that AHA acids are water soluble while BHA acids are
liposoluble. Liposoluble acids are able to penetrate oil gland ducts and dissolve sebum
plugs. The placenta peel contains salicylic acid, which is the most notable specimen
of BHA. It is contained in the form of esters in birch bark and gaultheria leaves. It has
keratolytic (exfoliating) and antiseptic properties.

Algae extract:

• compensates for skin moisture loss thanks to its content of alginic acid: it absorbs
300x its own weight in water;
• regulates the skin’s acid-base balance, promotes reduced sebum production.
• moistens the skin and smoothes out small wrinkles.

• Deeply cleanses the skin, promotes the elimination of
post-acne spots and scars, prevents the development of acne.
• Stimulates cell renewal, evens skin color and microsurface.
• Normalizes the secretion of oil glands, restores the hydro-lipid balance,
prevents moisture loss.


Apply the mask to the cleansed face for 15-20 minutes,
then remove any residue with water. It is recommended
to use the mask daily for 2 weeks, then 2-3 times a week


Smooth skin, beautiful and even complexion.

Skin requirements Anti-acne
Skin type For all skin type
Age Any Age
Usage Usage frequency depends on skin type: oily skin — 2-3 times a week; normal skin — 1-2 times a week; dry and sensitive skin — once every 2 week

Aqua, Propylene glycol, Polyethylene, Algae extract, Glyceryl stearate, Aqua  / Alcohol /Glycolic  acid /Lactic acid / Malic acid /Tartaric acid / Citric acid ,Hydroxyethylcellulose, Salicylic acid

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Master Herb Anti Acne & Scar Mask 35g

Master Herb Anti Acne & Scar Mask 35g

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TianDe Is The Source Of Your Natural Beauty!

We unite cosmetology and pharmaceutics significantly increasing product efficiency. TianDe cosmetics is a bioactive supplement for skin, its effect can be compared to that of a therapeutic. The content of active components in our cosmetics is as high as 15-20%, i.e. at the level of professional products.
Naturalness. We mainly use natural healthy ingredients relying on the healing properties in order to provide care for your beauty and health; these include: snake fat and skin, sheep placenta, bird’s nest extract, red caviar, silk protein, ginseng, lingzhi, shou wu, Thai flower, ginger, lotus, pearl, gold, silver, silicon and others.

The uniqueness of formula. Folk wisdom and knowledge of the Ancient East make the basis of each cosmetic product of TianDe. The formula of the products is based on ancient recipes of Chinese, Tibetan and Altai medicine that has been proved by the centuries of effective use. We enclose recipes of oriental medicine in innovative technologies for maximum preserving of unique properties of natural ingredients.

Chinese Medicine in Cosmetics
Herbal medicine is a vital part of traditional Chinese medicine, going back several thousand years. Chinese herbs are not only highly valued medicinal raw materials, but they also contain beauty properties. Chinese herbs’ most accurate descriptions of nursing properties come from the famous medical book from the Ming Dynasty period in 1596, “Ben Cao Gang Mu”, which describes more than 170 types of herbs used for beautification. This extremely valuable heritage of the Middle Kingdom reaches its heyday in the modern, western world. The growing interest in eco-cosmetology, i.e. products based exclusively on natural plant extracts, with no synthetic chemical feedstock, makes us more willing to reach for specifics made from of natural ‘gifts’.

Nanoparticles and other nanostructured materials have unique properties which cannot be obtained when working with a bigger form of the same material. The application of those special properties has been suggested in many industries; however, the cosmetic industry is one of them- eager to make the most of the opportunities presented by nanotechnology. Nanomaterials have been used to try and improve the performance of a wide range of products, starting off with moisturizers and anti-aging creams ending on hair care. TianDe uses Nano-technology mostly when delivering active components to our skin.

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