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The TianDe Mezoroller is a home alternative to the professional mesotherapeutic procedure known as the “medicine of high fashion.” During the process of mesotherapy, biologically-active substances are delivered to the deep skin layers with the help of numerous microinjections.

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Mezoroller: your personal cosmetologist!

The TianDe Mezoroller is a home alternative to the professional mesotherapeutic

procedure known as the “medicine of high fashion.” During the process of mesotherapy,
biologically-active substances are delivered to the deep skin layers with the help of
numerous microinjections. Boasting an efficiency equal to that of mesotherapeutic
products, the mezoroller rules out the risk of pain, erythema, edema, lumps and bruises.

The procedure will not leave painful traces on your face. And the TianDe mezoroller is
several times less expensive than a single mesotherapeutic procedure at a beauty salon.

Mezoroller: collagen induction therapy
In order to understand the principle behind how the mezoroller works, let us recall the
skin’s structure. Its superior layer, the epidermis, is the thinnest one, and it consists of
several cell layers: keratinized, pigment-forming cells, cells of the immune system and
others. The lower skin layer is hypoderm or subcutaneous fatty tissue. The mezoroller
“works” with the middle skin layer, i.e. the derma, “the frame” on which skin tone and
resiliency depend because it contains elastin and collagen fibers. Therefore, the use of a
mezoroller is called collagen induction (i.e. production) therapy.

The microneedles of the TianDe mezoroller are made of medical steel, which is widely
used in the manufacture of surgical instruments. It is so solid and smooth that bacteria
literally cannot “grab hold of anything.” This steel is resistant to acids and alkalis.

Microneedles perforate the external corneous layer, thereby forming numerous
microchannels. Needle thickness is comparable to that of the human hair. Their length
is just 0.2 mm, therefore, punctures are very small and close within one hour. But a
real revolution takes place at the cellular level during this time! Circulation is improved,
metabolism is activated, the production of elastin and collagen is stimulated.

Targeted delivery of cosmetic products
As the body’s protective barrier, the skin actively resists any substances rubbed into it;
therefore, a significant quantity of cosmetic products remains on the epidermis surface
and simply evaporates.
The mezoroller forms microchannels in the skin, allowing the active ingredients contained
in creams and serums to freely penetrate its deep layers. The skin turns into a “foamrubber sponge.”
The mezoroller enhances the efficiency of creams and serums by up
to 90% .

skincare products should be applied before the microchannels close, i.e.
within one hour of using the mezoroller.

Mezoroller action
1. Reduces the number and depth of wrinkles and promotes the formation of distinct facial contours
due to the activation of collagen production.
2. Promotes the elimination of scars (caused by acne, burns), stretch marks and cellulite.The mezoroller can even be used on such delicate skin regions as the mammary glands (stretch marks often appear on them following childbirth and nursing).
3. Improves overall skin condition: it stimulates the vital activity of the skin cells, increases their tone and improves circulation. All metabolic reactions in the skin are significantly normalized; as a result, its general condition is improved, sebum production is reduced, pores are constricted.

4. Promotes the elimination of pigmentation: the mezoroller improves the penetration of special products into the skin, dramatically increasing the efficacy of pigmentation treatments.
5. Stimulates hair growth on the head:the mezoroller improves circulation, thereby promoting the saturation of hair bulbs with nutrients, and is a very powerful growth stimulant for “dormant” follicles.

Our hair prefers a scalp massage: it has been proven
that daily massage improves hair quality and growth because it
improves circulation and the delivery of beneficial substances to the hair
bulbs. The mezoroller is an unmatched “massager” for your hair and scalp!

Using the mezoroller

Step 1.Cleansing the skin.

Remove all traces of make-up and clean the skin thoroughly using a cleansing gel, rinse
and dry with absorbent paper.

Step 2. Using the mezoroller.

When treating the face, you should distinguish between the nasal area, the forehead, the
mouth area, the cheeks and the neck area. Each of these areas should be treated with the
mezoroller separately. Rolling is performed 10 times vertically, horizontally and diagonally
(diagonals in both directions) with equal intensity.

At home, the standard procedure may take from 5 to 10 minutes depending on the size of
the treated region. It is possible to repeat the procedure 3-4 times a week.

Step 3. Applying skincare products.

Apply the active product to the area being treated.

Step4. Cleaning the mezoroller.

It is important to observe all sterility rules. You should place the device in disinfecting
solution at the beginning and end of each procedure. Then place it for aeration in a
plastic container. The mezoroller is an instrument for individual use. One mezoroller
means one owner.

CAUTION! The mezoroller must never be used on infected or irritated skin. If you have
fungal diseases, pustular diseases, eczema, psoriasis, open wounds, tumors, warts or
large birthmarks, NEVER USE the mezoroller! The mezoroller should be replaced as its
needles become blunt. Do not place the mezoroller on hard surfaces to ensure that its
needles remain sharp for as long as possible.

Skin requirementsLifting
Skin typeFor all skin type

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Mezoroller TianDe 0.7 mm

Mezoroller TianDe 0.7 mm

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