Corrective Serum for face 36pcs. 0,7g

Facial Corrective Serum in Capsules, reduction of wrinkle, 36pcs. x 0,7g

Corrective Serum helps fight the causes of age-related changes by providing reliable antioxidant protection for the cells, compensating for moisture and beneficial substance deficiencies in the skin.



According to statistics, the skin’s biological age and the woman’s actual age differ on average in 47% of all representatives of the fairer sex. And this difference can be significant: up to 15 years. Thus, every second woman looks older than she actually is.

Top-3 causes of ageing

  • Formation of free radicals throwing the skin cells out of balance.
  • Moisture deficiency in the skin.
  • Reduced-intensity of metabolic processes due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

Corrective Serum helps fight the causes of age-related changes by providing reliable antioxidant protection for the cells, compensating for moisture and beneficial-substance deficiencies in the skin.

Similar to Eye Corrective Serum in Capsules, this product is enriched with ceramides and Evening primrose oil, with jojoba stone oil added instead of hydrogenated jojoba oil. The distinctive feature of Corrective Serum in Capsules lies in its content of hydrolyzed (liquid) silk and hydrogenated coconut oil. 

Hydrolyzed silk “liquid silk” obtained by hydrolysis of the silk fibres produced by the silkworm:

  • forms a light “film” on the skin’s surface; this “film” gives the skin silky smoothness
  • and provides a slight lifting effect;
  • contains fibroins (from the Latin word “fibra” — “fiber”), the proteins forming the basis of natural silk fibre;
  • fibroins contain a significant quantity of glycin: each second amino acid in its structure is glycine, which is a component in the skin’s natural moisturizing factor;
  • fibroins have marvellous moisturizing properties: their molecules are able to attract and retain 300x their own weight in water!

Unique jojoba liquid wax became very important as a substitute for spermaceti, the liquid animal wax made from the head of the sperm whale. Special
studies by American scientists have shown that the chemical composition of jojoba and spermaceti are identical.

Hydrogenated coconut oil:

  • contains phospholipids, which restore cell membranes. A living cell with a damaged membrane is like an egg with a broken shell; destroying the cell membrane is the fastest way to destroy a cell;
  • contains hyaluronic acid, which is a powerful natural moisturizer: it plays the role of molecular sponge: its one molecule retains 1000 water molecules;
  • has an antioxidant effect.


  • Promotes the reduction of wrinkle depth and size, restores skin resiliency.
  • Moisturizes protects the skin from free radicals, strengthens its barrier properties.
  • Maintains the youth and health of cells, improves metabolism.

Apply to the cleansed skin 1-2 times daily. Use in 15-20-day cycles 3-4 times per year. May be combined with cream.

Each used capsule enhances skin resiliency, your face looks fresh and healthy again.

36pcs. x 0,7g

Skin requirements
Nutrition and recovery
Any Age

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