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Botox Effect Transdermal Complex contains peptides with a Botox-like effectthat are able to reduce expression activity by blocking muscle contraction.

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Botox Effect Transdermal Complex contains peptides with a Botox-like effectthat are
able to reduce expression activity by blocking muscle contraction.

Acetyl hexapeptide-30 is a muscle contraction blocker:
• has a pronounced muscle-relaxing effect (from the Latin myo — “muscle,” and
relaxo — “loosen”), slows down the signal transmission process from the nerve
synapsis to the muscle;
• prevents the contraction of fibrillar muscles, thereby promoting the smoothing of
expression lines;
• promotes the reduction of wrinkle depth and number.

The second peptide contained in Botox Effect Transdermal Complex is referred to the

class of remodeling peptides, which improve intercellular matrix quality and stimulate
collagen synthesis.

Palmitoyl tripeptide-5 is a dermal matrix reconstructor:

• boasts considerable penetrating abilities, gets into the skin’s deep layers;
• stimulates fibroblasts, promotes the restructuring of connective tissue and
strengthening of vascular walls;
• stimulates collagen synthesis, enhances skin resiliency;

The complex also contains hyaluronic acid..

Hyaluronic acid is the only substance known to scientists that is able to:
• bind water (its one molecule binds up to 1000 water molecules),
• reduce moisture evaporation from the skin (even in a dry atmosphere),
• activate cell functioning,
• neutralize free radicals, which are one of the main causes of skin aging.


• Promotes the smoothing of wrinkles.
• Stimulates production of the skin’s own collagen.
• Acts as a local muscle relaxant while preserving expression.


1. Using the applicator tip, apply several drops of meso-cocktail (product No. 1) to your
fingertips and distribute it over the cleansed facial skin.
2. Apply a small quantity of microcapsules (product No. 2) to the tip of your finger and
spread over the areas treated with meso-cocktail with tapping movements.
3. Spread the meso-cocktail over the skin as a third, additional layer.

Apply to the dry, cleansed skin once daily (in the evening, 2 hours before going to bed) if

you have moderate signs of skin fading, 2 times daily in case of pronounced problems. It is
recommended to refrain from the use of peels during the use of transdermal complexes.


Reduction of wrinkles after just 7 days of using the transdermal complex.

Skin requirementsWrinkle correction

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