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Lifting Effect Transdermal Complex

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Thanks to the dawn of highly-effective cosmetic products, it became possible to delay plastic surgery or forego the procedure altogether.

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As we grow older, muscle tone decreases, a double chin appears, cheeks start to sag. For
a long time, it was only possible to correct the changing shapes of the face with the help
of surgical intervention.

Thanks to the dawn of highly-effective cosmetic products, it became possible to delay plastic
surgery or forego the procedure altogether. Lifting Effect Transdermal Complex can
become an alternative to the surgical scalpel. Its active ingredients help restore the
clearness and beauty of the facial contours with absolutely no pain. The main active substances
of the meso-cocktail are beta-glucans and glycoasmines.

Beta-glucan, a skin immunostimulant, is a long-chain polysaccharide whose structural
a link is glucose. Beta-glucan is isolated from the cell walls of baker’s yeast, cereal extracts
(oats, wheat) and some fungi.
• The main advantage of beta-glucan is that it triggers the skin’s natural mechanism
for the production of vital substances by influencing the immune cells —
Langergance cells;
• Langergance cells are intraepidermal macrophages (immune protectors) that act as
the skin’s “ambulance crew,” restoring damaged epidermis and killing pathogenic
• Langergance cells activated by beta-glucan start to produce several biologically-active
substances, including an epidermal growth factor that promotes the production of
new collagen and elastin and an angiogenesis factor that forms new blood vessels.

Beta-glucans play the same critical role in immunology
that penicillin does in the world of antibiotics.

Glycosamine hydrochloride, the “workmate of hyaluronic acid and collagen,” is a compound of glucose and amino acids produced through acidic hydrolysis of the natural
polysaccharide chitin obtained from the shells of marine crustacea (shrimps, lobsters or
• is the source material for collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis, helps complete the
collagen and elastin chain, iproves skin firmness;
• promotes the smoothing of wrinkles, accelerates regeneration processes, has a
rejuvenating effect;
• recent studies have confirmed that glycosamine is able to prevent the development
of age-related nevi pigmentosis on the skin by lowering the melanin content in cells.

Together with hyaluronic acid and collagen, glycosamine
is the main building material for dermal connective tissue.

The meso-cocktail also contains hyaluronic acid and
hydrolyzed collagen. With the help of substanceenhancers (from the English word enhance — “to improve,
intensify”), the latter ingredient freely penetrates the
skin’s protective layer and is included in metabolic
reactions, thereby nourishing, moisturizing and renewing
the skin from the inside.

Hydrolyzed collagen:
• stimulates the recovery of natural dermal collagen fibers;
• improves the skin’s strength, elasticity and firmness;
• forms a protective film on the skin; this film binds to water,
thereby reducing transepidermal moisture loss (TEWM).

• Promotes the recovery of skin resiliency and distinct facial contours.
• Activates the synthesis of the skin’s own collagen fibers.
• Deeply moisturizes the skin, improves firmness.


Using the applicator tip, apply several drops of
meso-cocktail (product No. 1) to your fingertips and
distribute it over the cleansed facial skin.

Apply a small quantity of microcapsules (product No. 2)
to the tip of your finger and spread over the areas
treated with meso-cocktail with tapping movements.

Spread meso-cocktail over the skin as a third,
additional layer.

Apply to dry, cleansed skin once daily (in the evening, 2
hours before going to bed) if you have moderate signs of
skin fading, 2 times daily in case of pronounced problems.
It is recommended to refrain from using peels during the
use of transdermal complexes.

Smoothing of imperfect features after just 7 days of using the transdermal complex.

Skin requirements Lifting, Prevents skin-aging, Wrinkle correction

Collagen , Aqua, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Beta-Glucan, Glucosamine Hcl, Hyaluronic Acid

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Lifting Effect Transdermal Complex

Lifting Effect Transdermal Complex

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TianDe Is The Source Of Your Natural Beauty!

We unite cosmetology and pharmaceutics significantly increasing product efficiency. TianDe cosmetics is a bioactive supplement for skin, its effect can be compared to that of a therapeutic. The content of active components in our cosmetics is as high as 15-20%, i.e. at the level of professional products.
Naturalness. We mainly use natural healthy ingredients relying on the healing properties in order to provide care for your beauty and health; these include: snake fat and skin, sheep placenta, bird’s nest extract, red caviar, silk protein, ginseng, lingzhi, shou wu, Thai flower, ginger, lotus, pearl, gold, silver, silicon and others.

The uniqueness of formula. Folk wisdom and knowledge of the Ancient East make the basis of each cosmetic product of TianDe. The formula of the products is based on ancient recipes of Chinese, Tibetan and Altai medicine that has been proved by the centuries of effective use. We enclose recipes of oriental medicine in innovative technologies for maximum preserving of unique properties of natural ingredients.

Chinese Medicine in Cosmetics
Herbal medicine is a vital part of traditional Chinese medicine, going back several thousand years. Chinese herbs are not only highly valued medicinal raw materials, but they also contain beauty properties. Chinese herbs’ most accurate descriptions of nursing properties come from the famous medical book from the Ming Dynasty period in 1596, “Ben Cao Gang Mu”, which describes more than 170 types of herbs used for beautification. This extremely valuable heritage of the Middle Kingdom reaches its heyday in the modern, western world. The growing interest in eco-cosmetology, i.e. products based exclusively on natural plant extracts, with no synthetic chemical feedstock, makes us more willing to reach for specifics made from of natural ‘gifts’.

Nanoparticles and other nanostructured materials have unique properties which cannot be obtained when working with a bigger form of the same material. The application of those special properties has been suggested in many industries; however, the cosmetic industry is one of them- eager to make the most of the opportunities presented by nanotechnology. Nanomaterials have been used to try and improve the performance of a wide range of products, starting off with moisturizers and anti-aging creams ending on hair care. TianDe uses Nano-technology mostly when delivering active components to our skin.

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