Chili Mask 35g Expand

Chili Mask 35g




Abs model mask with chili pepper extract SPA-technology (lifting and volume decrease)

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The mask removes folds, facilitates volume decrease, improves drainage,
smoothes out skin relief, makes it tight, smooth and elastic.

Eliminates wrinkles and sagging. It lifts the skin and reduces the volume.
Effectively burns the fats, eliminates wrinkles and sagging,
helps reduce the volume, improves drainage - eliminates excess fluids and toxins,
evens out skin surface, makes it smooth and elastic.

It is recommendable to use the mask every day for 14 days.
Apply on cleansed problem area for 15-20 min.
For a better result after the procedure use the cream from the same Series. 

Distilled water, metilnikotinat extract cayenne pepper, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, sodium lactate.
Body needsHydration and nutrition, Elasticity and tone
Active ingredients:CAPSICUM ANNUUM
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