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Gold Ginger Hair Balm




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13,20 £

The balm boosts blood supply and scalp nourishment and eliminates causes of dandruff.
Promotes hair strengthening and growth, improves its structure and provides it with silkiness and resilience.

Balanced complex of plant extracts, natural fat components,
conditioning supplements contained in the balm facilitates hair strengthening and growth.
Improves hair structure, gives hair silkiness, elasticity, enhances blood supply and nourishing of scalp, eliminates dandruff.

Protects hair against adverse environmental influence.

Eases combing and styling of hair.

For all types of hair.


When using as a conditioner, apply it to cleansed damp hair for 2-3 minutes, massage in and thoroughly rinse out.
When using as a mask, apply it to cleansed damp hair for 20 minutes, then thoroughly rinse out.
Hair needs :Hydration and repair
Active ingredients:Rice protein, Lanolin, Cocos
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