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offers you a solid foundation for your business: well-developed technologies, unique product assortment, training, bonus payments, etc.

This will amount to 50% of your success. Add your 50% involvement, abilities and energy, and start spinning your Wheel of Fortune!

Why do thousands of people come to TianDe?

  • To be healthy, good-looking and well-groomed without having to spend much money on it.
  • To not complain about their difficult life, as 80 % of the people around them do, but to forge ahead with their happiness and financial wellbeing.
  • To reach their goals, not run away from their problems.
  • To be free, managing their business from any corner of the world.
  • To develop and grow, reaching bigger and more ambitious goals.
  • To get jewelry, vacation trips and cars as rewards from the Corporation.
  • To enjoy meeting new people.
  • Not to watch other people’s success stories on TV but to become actors and directors in their own lives.
  • To make sure that their lives are not like groundhog days – but like a breathtaking adventure novel.


Income & Flexibility

With Tiande you are your own boss, work with beauty, manage your own time and earn extra income.

Travel & Celebrate
Your achievements should never go unrecognised! We reward success with exciting gifts and events all over the world.

Global Beauty Community
Be a part of something bigger with amazing people from all over the world.

Our mission is to make people’s lives better
by allowing them to use high-quality beauty,
health and home-care products daily.

Assortment is the foundation of our business Today, the TianDe brand offers more than 700 products in five different product categories:

Assortment is the foundation of our business

Today, the TianDe brand offers more than 700 products in five different product categories:

As we create our products, we are inspired by our clients’ needs

The formulas of most TianDe products are based on ancient Chinese, Tibetan or Altai recipes, time-tested through centuries of effective application. To make these products, we use natural ingredients that are at times quite exotic: silk proteins, ginseng roots, linchi fungus, shou wu grass, ginger, rosebay, lotus, soap nut, snake oil and salmon roe. Since recently, TianDe has been using innovative cosmetic products with cutting-edge European recipes. Our assortment of products is dynamic, it is being constantly renewed and updated in accordance with customer needs: we add new products to every catalogue.

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