What is youth?

This term cannot be completely described or clearly defined.

This term cannot be completely described or clearly defined. Generally, youth is mostly condition. During the youthful age people experience a range of feelings and emotions, are full of energy and are ready to move mountains.

Youth is the time of discoveries, acquaintances and travelling. Youth is wind in your hair, sleepless nights, non-stop movies, hundreds of playlists and many more interesting things.

Why would young skin supposedly need care? Youth is beautiful, but… insidious. Even if the skin looks perfect, it needs protection, care and moisturizing! Many people know the ‘payment for your wild youth’ expression. This can be applied to care as well.

Active megalopolis life, unbalanced diet, a lot of fatty food rich in calories, fizzy beverages, experiments with cosmetics, lack of sleep, stress, overfatigue and time spent with gadgets – this all negatively influences the skin condition.

You should contribute to yourself from your youth! The main contribution to skin youth is reasonable care and suitable cosmetics.
The problem is escalated by incorrect care for young skin (its absence or using ‘mother’s’ anti-aging cosmetics).

How to select cosmetics required for young skin? First of all, you should remember that care products should be selected according to your age. Girls very often begin their familiarization with cosmetics with the big guns – mother’s cream. It is worth remembering that this is not the way!

Success in fighting for skin youth is achieved by those who act in harmony with their biological clock without going too far or dragging among the low performers.

Adults’ cosmetics contain ingredients helping skin cells during the regeneration process. They have a lifting effect and their texture is much heavier. Young skin does not need it for now.

Soft cleansing, moisturizing and restoration are obligatory stages of young skin care. Light texture of the products and correct active ingredients will also do the thing.

Considering all the needs of young skin, correct natural ingredients and modern technologies, the beauty and health corporation created FreshClick product collection developed specifically for the young skin..

FreshClick collection for young skin:
freshness and radiance with just a click!

The name of the range speaks for itself.

Complex use of the products of the range grants freshness and shine literally in a click. The key idea of the whole young adult collection is preservation and augmentation of youth with specifically selected active ingredients.

The FreshClick collection includes essential products for young skin care.

The facial wash for delicate cleansing, moisturising, softening and restoration is perfect for any skin type, including problem or sensitive skin and that damaged as a result of negative influence of external factors (dry air, sun, makeup or intensive cosmetological procedures).

The facial primer serum will not only sooth the skin condition and improves it, but also will flawlessly prepare it for makeup application. Aqua eye and face aquagel with light melting texture will sooth the skin, remove the feeling of tightness and prevent flaking.

Body lotion with superantioxidant complex will help the skin stay young for as long as possible; it is for restoration and moisturizing.

Let’s "click" on the composition:
active ingredients of the Fresh Click range

Restoring and moisturizing Cactus Extract complex is for protection and regeneration.

  • It includes a range of extracts:

  • prickly pear (skin restoration and protection from negative factors);
  • houttuynia (antibacterial and antioxidant effects);
  • chrysanthemum (contains natural UV filters, tones skin up and removes slight irritations);
  • purslane (reduces irritations and improves the condition of problem skin);
  • skullcap (tones up the skin and stimulates collagen production and skin regeneration);
  • paeonia suffruticosa (has bactericidal and soothing effects); + sodium hyaluronate which is a natural moisturizer;
  • chlorphenesin which is an anti-microbial and antibacterial ingredient.

The base of all products of the series is the special restoring and moisturizing Cactus Extract complex for reliable protection of young skin and its regeneration. This complex includes a range of active ingredients: extracts of prickly pear, houttuynia, chrysanthemum, purslane, skullcap and paeonia suffruticosa. Let us talk about all of them in turn.

Prickly pear is a subtropical kind of cactus. Prickly pear extract is not on the last place among ingredients having an amazing effect on the skin in the beauty industry. This ingredient can easily compete with aloe vera, because their effects on the skin are very similar.

The extract of prickly pear moisturizes, restores the natural fluid balance and is the source of healthy substances improving blood supply and strengthening capillary walls; it prevents aging, excellently nourishes and restores the skin and removes wrinkles.

Cactus is an irreplaceable ingredient of skin protection against the negative environmental factors, and this relates not only to free radicals, but to mosquito stings, mechanical damages and allergic reactions. Specialists often prescribe products with cactus extract to people suffering from atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. It is surprising but true that the prickly pear seed oil is able to reduce black circles under the eyes of any kind (from sleep deprivation to proneness).

The positive influence of this ingredient on the skin is not surprising at all, because cactus is one of the few plants able to survive in deserts and at the same time produce tender bloom.

The next ingredient of the complex is the extract of houttuynia. It has antibacterial properties, is used for problem skin care and excellently fights the epidermis bacteria causing acne. It supports the strengthening of capillaries, stimulates cell renewal and neutralizes free radicals. Also this plant is known as the plant blocking poison. After the atomic bombing of Hiroshima this very plant was the first to grow on poisoned ground. Since then, it is considered to be extremely persistent and having excellent regenerative properties.

Extract of chrysanthemum. In ancient times it was considered that if you cover a chrysanthemum with a light towel for a night and then rub your face with it in the morning, this will prolong your beauty and youth. It may be considered to be fiction, but today chrysanthemum is successfully used in cosmetology and phytotherapy for skin rejuvenation. Extract of chrysanthemum tones it up, removes light swelling and irritation, supplies the skin with nutrients, helps preserve moist in epidermis cells, remove small wrinkles and even out the skin relief, stimulates blood circulation and synthesis of natural collagen, increases the cell regeneration abilities and contains natural UV filters.

Extract of purslane has an amazing composition. It contains the glutathione amino acid, alkaloids, coumarines, glycosides, saponins, flavonoids, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, В1, В2. C and E, nicotinamide, nicotinic, glutamine, aspartic, malic and citric acids, macroelements (calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium) and microelements (zinc, copper, manganese, nickel and iron), and that means that cosmetic compositions containing purslane extract support the improvement of esthetic characteristics of the skin; they particularly smoothen wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones. Also purslane extract supports the reduction of itch, irritation and inflammations and significantly improves the skin condition in case of psoriasis, acne and rosacea.

Extract of Baikal skullcap. This is the plant that has been used in Tibetan medicine for hundreds of years. The skullcap extract makes the skin tight and elastic, tones it up excellently, stabilizes its greasiness and stimulates collagen production and cell regeneration. It heals wounds, supplies the skin with vitamins, protects it from the negative environmental impact, supplies the improvement of metabolic processes in derma, rejuvenates the skin and smoothens wrinkles.

And one more precious ingredient of the complex is the extract of paeonia suffruticosa. In China, where peonies are from, it was considered that this divine plant should be watered by beautiful girls only. Many people searched for the magic power of beauty in the petals, oil and extract of this plant. The guesses were correct, for the extract of youth and beauty is contained in this flower. Just like any other plant, peonies have their own unique set of microelements, antioxidants and other active biological ingredients that appeared to be healthy for the skin as well. Peony oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. Peonol has bactericidal and soothing effects at the same time. Minerals (copper, iron, chrome, calcium, sodium, etc.) replenish the deficiency of required elements. Polysaccharides provide the rejuvenating effect. Acids ensure peeling and renewal of the skin. But the most precious combination is the small concentration of peeling acid and rich mineral composition. Such combination makes the skin fresh and fills it with energy.

Apart from the Cactus Extract complex, the composition of all the FreshClick products includes the efficient moisturizer, which is sodium hyaluronate.

This is the salt of hyaluronic acid obtained by cleaning the molecule of the hyaluronic acid itself from fats, proteins and certain acids. As a result, a low-molecular substance is obtained, which, due to its small size, is able to get into the deepest layers of the epidermis.
Apart from everything aforementioned, the substance is able to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid itself, as well as of collagen and elastin that preserve the skin youth and fight age-related changes.

The next ingredient contained in all the products of the range is chlorphenesin. It is an organic compound and essentially a preserving agent having anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. The substance is well-combined with natural ingredients.

Every product is enhanced with “its” own ingredients.

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