Sun Protection Body Milk SPF 30, 200 ml

Sun Protection Body Milk SPF 30, 200 ml


Sun Protection Body Milk SPF 30, 200ml

Do you love time spent under the sun? Do you want your tan to be perfect? Fulfill your wishes thanks to TianDe and stop worrying about harmful sunrays!

It is no secret that UV light causes photoaging of skin and can cause many other problems. How to avoid that? Use high-quality cosmetics with protection factor and sunbath without any remorse!

The gentle sunbathing milk with a high protection factor of SPF 30 will provide you protection against harmful UVA and UVB sunrays. The product is water-resistant so you do not have to apply it again after going for a swim.

Thanks to its special formula, the milk not only protects the skin during sunbathing but it also nourishes it and takes care of its beauty and softness.

Apply with circular motions on uncovered parts of your body before going out.

Skin requirements
SPF - protection
Active ingredients:
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