Cleansing and exfoliation

Cleasing and exfoliation

Cleansers vs. exfoliators: what’s the difference?

Why the different schedules and distinct products?

Cleansing Your skin is kept clean and fresh by washing your face every day.
Think of cleansing as the first essential building block for healthy skin.
Without a good routine of facial cleaning, the rest of your skincare regimen won't be as effective.

Facial cleansing has two main objectives: removing dirt and grime.
The face absorbs all sorts of garbage all day.
Dirt, grime, sweat, and pollutants are coming together on your skin and can get clogged in your pores.
The effect is dark skin with redness and blemish.

Reduce the number of bacteria that cause acne.

If you don't use the best face wash you won't get rid of these nasty bacteria. Leaving them on your face is a disaster recipe — pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and other unsightly facial acne.

Exfoliating Face

Scrub exfoliates your skin. That means it breaks away the top layer of dead skin cells covering your face.
Unlike face wash which cleans away impurities, face scrub reveals the fresh, new skin cells beneath the upper, dead layer.
After you’ve applied an exfoliator, your skin is better able to absorb other products.

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