Ginger Salt Gommage Scrub Expand

Ginger Salt Gommage Scrub 380g




Create your ideal body and rub off whatever you don't need

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Salt Gommage Scrub with Ginger Extract will grant any woman with an immaculate figure.

Ginger actively warms up the skin, improves blood circulation, fights slack skin, while lifting and toning it.
The salt removes the keratinous skin layer, excretes toxins and enhances the capacities ofthe other
substances present in the product.

When you need it

Recommended for the removal of the orange-peel skin. Used for deep cleansing,
stimulating of blood flow and microcirculation in tissues, as well as for the improving
of the drainage processes and enhancement of the skin protective functions.

Body needsResilience and tone, Fight cellulite
Skin typeFor all skin type
Active ingredients:ZINGIBER OFFICINALE
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