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Olive Peeling, This peel is enriched with Olea europaea fruit oil, which is one of the most valuable cosmetic ingredients for the skin.

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Effectively removes dead skin.

Deeply cleanses the skin, smoothes, tightens pores, improves and evens out skin color. Olive oil prevents aging. The skin becomes more supple, smooth and elastic, oil provides skin protection against the negative impact of the environment.

In addition peeling moisturizes and nourishes, prevents flaking and redness. Recommended for all skin types.

Olea europaea fruit oil:
• contains linoleic acid in the same percentage as breast milk;
• contains oleic acid,which is a component of the skin’s epidermal lipids; therefore, it
strengthens the epidermal protective barrier and lowerstransepidermal moisture
• contains vitamin E,which is called the “vitamin of youth”for its ability to protect
the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. If a competition were held for the
best skin vitamin, vitamin E would surely rank in the top-3.

The peel also contains malic acid and collagen amino acids.

• Gently removes the keratinized cell layer, thereby renewing the upper epidermal
• Activates the skin’s natural moisturizing mechanisms, preventing sloughing and
• Constricts pores, improves and evens the complexion.
• Promotes enhanced collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis.
• Smoothes fine lines, reduces the degree of deep wrinkles.

Apply a small quantity of the peel to the cleansed face, except for the region around
the eyes. Massage for 1-2 minutes, then wash off thoroughly with cool water. It is not
recommended to sunbathe or use other exfoliants after the peel.

Contraindications against the use of products containing AHA-acids:
• individual intolerance;
• skin hypersensitivity;
• fresh skin injuries;
• herpes rash;
• rosacea;
• prolonged sun exposure.

Safety precautions
Before using the product, perform a spot test: apply a small quantity of the product
to the back of the hand and observe the reaction for 24 hours. If signs of side effects
develop (burning, erythema, itching, pricking, pain, hypersensitivity to sunlight),
discontinue use of the product.

Recommendations on usage frequency:
• oily skin — 2-3 times a week,
• normal skin — 1-2 times a week,
• dry and sensitive skin — once every 2 weeks.

Soft, supple skin, healthy complexion, reduced number and depth of wrinkles.

Skin requirementsWrinkle correction, Firmness and elasticity, Nutrition and recovery, Preventing scaling and redness
Active ingredients:OLEA EUROPAEA, COLLAGEN, Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)

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Olive Peeling 120g

Olive Peeling 120g

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