Berry Delicacy Hair Conditioner, 250g

Berry Delicacy Hair Conditioner 250g


An appetizing blend for silky hair

Feel the full force of ripe berries on your hair!

Plunge head-first into the enchantingly bold aroma of summer! The product’s appetizing blend of wildberry extracts will transform it into an aromatic elixir.

This extra-gentle hair conditioner delicately moisturizes fine, limp hair without weighing it down, making it look fuller and healthier. The jojoba oil with which the product is enriched leaves your hair silky, well-groomed and amazingly pleasant to the touch.

The juicy, sweet, appetizing scent of raspberry leaves a whiff of enchanting delicacy and enticement.

Berry Delicacy conditioner from TianDe’s new product line is more than just gentle care for your hair and an amazing aroma. It’s an everyday product that’s sure to win high marks from every member of your family! Thanks to its special properties, it will suit all tastes while helping you save on the family budget.

The My Family Care line is a quality range of basic products FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY at a super-economical price!


Squeeze excess water from hair after washing, apply conditioner along the entire length and leave in for a few minutes before rinsing out with plenty of water.




Simmondsia chinensis seed oil compensates for the lack of nutrients in the skin, encourages the smoothing out of wrinkles. Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil is used in cosmetics as a vegetable substitute of spermaceti - valuable animal wax derived from the head of the sperm whale.


Vaccinium myrtillus fruit extract reduces the quantity and depth of fine lines, makes the skin delicate and smooth.


Rubus chingii fruit extract has pronounced antioxidant properties, contains a lot of vitamins.

Wild strawberry
Wild strawberry

Wild strawberry extract contains vitamin C, carotene, acids (apple, citric, salicylic), tannins, ether oils and trace elements. Noble ladies had baths with wild strawberry juice in Ancient Rome to prolong the youthfulness of their skin. Wild strawberry extract saturates the skin and hair with vitamins, soothes and moisturizes wonderfully.


Cranberry berries contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, organic acids and a large amount of phenolic compounds. The tannins contained in Vaccinium endow it with the ability to fortify the antimicrobial protection of the body and prevent the appearance of inflammatory processes.


A natural antioxidant, has a toning effect on the skin, protecting it against external environmental influences and strengthening the epidermal walls. Great for hair shedding, dandruff and skin irritation.


Blackberry extract is the well of vitamins. According to Ancient Greek myth, this berry grew out of the Titans’ blood after they rebelled against the Gods. All parts of the plant have healthy properties – both leaves and berries. They relieve itching and scalp exfoliation, restore hair strength.

Hair needs :
Hydration and repair
Smoothness and silkiness
Active ingredients:
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