CC cream, 40g

CC cream, 40g

“Smart” cream for skin care and coverage


Skin imperfections spoil your mood and layers of foundation add discomfort?

Forget about the multi-layered coverage for your skin.
Our new TianDe CC cream gives you everything your skin need to look perfect!

CC cream is a real magic wand of the cosmetic world.
Seems it can do anything: even skin tone, cover imperfections, provide SPF protection and moisturize above all.

TianDe moved even further – now the CC cream not just conditions and moisturizes your skin but rejuvenates it,
as its formula contains fucose and other efficient ingredients.
You don't need to choose the shade – TianDe “smart” cream adjusts to your skin tone and blend smoothly, without the “mask” effect.

Weightless and long-lasting coverage of imperfections, even skin tone and relief,
moisturizing and anti-age action – everything you need in one Fucoidan CC cream!

Distribute the CC cream onto clean face with light motions.

Skin requirements
Care for sensitive skin
Freshness and radiance
Prevents skin-aging
SPF - protection
Young skin

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