Cranberry Mix Protein Shake with sweetener

Cranberry Mix Protein Shake with sweetener

Cranberry-flavoured transformation, 300g

What part of the body suffers most from being overweight, an active lifestyle and demanding training?

The heart!

To promote its function, facilitate the weight loss process, and help you achieve great sports results more easily, we developed the Cranberry Mix Protein Shake.

The cocktail contains high-quality protein in the ideal ratio: 55 % whey protein and 45 % sunflower protein.

The Cranberry Mix Protein Shake was specially developed for those who need to keep their weight in check and support the function of the cardiovascular system. It is indispensable for athletes (competitive and recreational). The mix contains natural amino acids, including the optimal amount of the most important ones that are essential for shaping your body - BCAA. These amino acids include leucine, isoleucine and valine. It is this complex that supports the body during stress and load. During sports training, the BCAA amino acids act as a source of fuel, and after training, they regenerate the muscle fibres and mitigate the feeling of fatigue.

Without soy, gluten, sugar, preservatives, colourants and synthetic supplements - the product contains the maximum amount of natural ingredients, including amino acids. A pleasant flavour is given to the cocktail by a natural sweetener (sweetleaf extract) and crushed strawberries and cranberry juice.

One serving contains 11 grams of protein and only 50 kcal. With this cocktail, you will achieve the optimum weight with benefits for your health!

Thoroughly mix 2-2.5 spoonfuls (17-20 g) of the powder with 200 ml of low-fat milk at room temperature. You can use a shaker or mixer.

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