Golden Amaranth Oil Food Supplement, 50 cap

Golden Amaranth Oil Food Supplement, 50 cap

This is an endless source of nutrients that are essential for your body.



Functional complex of 100% natural amaranth oil.

This substance consists of 100% natural oil made of amaranth buds: the most valuable part of the legendary plant. This is an endless source of nutrients that are essential for your body.

Amaranth means “eternal flower” in Greek. Medicinal properties of this plant have been known since time immemorial.

The Incas and the Aztecs called amaranth “the golden seed” and considered it to be a symbol of eternal life.
- Soldiers would take amaranth seeds and oil along with them on lengthy military campaigns and used it as a source of energy, a way to replenish their strength.
- Women used amaranth oil to prevent their skin from aging and viewed it as a source of youthfulness and longevity.

Thanks to its unique composition, amaranth oil has a very broad range of applications. One of the most important components of the oil, squalene, has anti-carcinogenic, antimicrobial and antifungal effects on the body.

Amaranth oil also contains the following substances:
- Polyunsaturated linoleic fatty acid, which helps cleanse the body of toxins and residues;
- Vitamin E, which protects cell membranes from oxidation damages and has a positive influence on the immune system;
- Carotenoids – precursors of Vitamin A, which facilitate regeneration of tissues and stimulates the immune system.
- Phospholipids – substances that improve metabolism, help lower cholesterol levels in the blood;
- Phytosterols – substances that help recharge the body and improve its protective functions.

Each capsule of the TianDe complex contains natural amaranth oil, which helps you feel more energetic and healthy and improves your mood!

do not use in case of hypersensibility to any of the ingredients. Recommended to consult with your doctor before using. Not a medicine. Do not exceed recommended daily dosage.

Storage: store in a dry, dark place, out of reach of children, at a max.temperature up to 25°C, in the air humidity <75%.

Amaranth Oil, Gelatin (capsule).
1 capsule contains (% NRV *): Amaranth Oil - 500 mg (/-/); Polyunsaturated fatty acids - 250 mg (/-/); Squalene – 30 mg (/-/); Vitamin E - 2,0 α-TE mg (16,7).
3 capsules contain (% NRV *): Amaranth Oil - 1500 mg (/-/); Polyunsaturated fatty acids - 750 mg (/-/); Squalene – 90 mg (/-/); Vitamin E - 6,0 α-TE mg (50).
* NRV % from Nutrient Reference Values


For adults suggested to take 3 capsules daily, preferably with food. Recommended course of intake: 15-16 days. After interval of two weeks, course can be repeated.

Producer: 'Russia.

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