Golden Amaranth Oil Food Supplement, 50 cap

Golden Amaranth Oil Food Supplement, 50 cap

The functional complex of 100% natural amaranth oil.



Functional complex of 100% natural amaranth oil.

The Japanese compare amaranth it is like squid meat. Nutritionists say that the amaranth in terms of protein content exceeds even its "queen" - soy! And in hospitals and hospitals of various scientific research institutes, amaranth oil is used in combination with other drugs to treat patients with severe skin problems.

The benefits and effectiveness of amaranth oil are confirmed by legends.

The tribes of the Incas and Aztecs called amaranth "the golden grain" and considered it a symbol of immortality. Warriors took him on hikes as a source of energy and for replenishment of forces. With his help, nursed preterm infants. For women, amaranth was a "pill" of longevity and youth.

The functional complex "Golden Amaranth" will give energy, excellent well-being, sleek skin and a wonderful mood! It is very convenient to take it: one package is enough for a full course of use, 1 capsule 3 times a day for 15-16 days.

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