Day time Nephritic Freshness Sanitary Pads with Herbal Extract 10 pcs

Day time Nephritic Freshness Sanitary Pads with Herbal Extract 10 pcs


Day sanitary pads with herbs "Nephrite Freshness" (prevention of gynecopathies, securing treatment results)

TianDe Sanitary Pads "Nephrite Freshness" - Day and Night

Those sanitary pads have been developed by the National Centre for Chinese Medicine based on traditional methods of treatment used for centuries in China. The study is geared to advanced medical technologies.

  • External “Dry” layer– Anatomically shaped and manufactured on a special angle,
  • quickly and evenly distributes the fluid along the sanitary pad, increasing the absorption.
  • Layers are made of natural cotton, soaked in herbal extracts and essential oils of black pepper
    and tea tree oil. As a result, the sanitary pads perfectly absorb moisture, eliminate odour
    and have a positive effect on the bacterial flora intimate surroundings.
  • They are an excellent absorbent polymer- absorb any excess moisture, convert the liquid into a gel,
    providing comfort and protection.
  • Side wings and larger size sanitary pads provide protection against leakage.

    External underwear layer protects against dirt.
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