Daily panty liners with herbs Nephrite Freshness 20pcs

Daily panty liners with herbs Nephrite Freshness 20pcs

"Nephrite Freshness" panty liners contain phyto-composition FCM made out of 19 healing herbs (black pepper oil, extract of hemlock parsley, chamomile, motherwort, coral bean, Amur cock tree, etc)


TianDe Panty Liners "Nephrite Freshness"

Herbal panty liners are intended for daily use and contain a herbal complex consisting of 19 medicinal plants. They are recommended for the prevention of gynaecological disorders, in the course of therapy and consolidate the results of treatment.

The external layer is made out ​​of natural cotton, soaked in herbal extracts and essential oils of black pepper and tea tree oil. Perfectly absorbs moisture, eliminates odour and has a positive effect on the bacterial flora intimate surroundings.

  1. The natural cotton layer absorbs moisture and allows the skin to breathe.
  2. Exterior layer of fluid retention, the underwear is protected against dirt.
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