Face Care

 Carefully caring for our skin is a good method for keeping it young longer.

To provide a truly effective care, we need to know our skin type and determine its needs in relation to its kind and age.
At various stages – youth, maturity and ageing skin has different needs, influenced by the age and the changes that occur.
Unfortunately, over the years, our skin begins to lose its elasticity, moisture in the epidermis, leading to ageing and its cells begin a phase of “lounging” by delaying the process of renewal and contributes to the greyish and uneven complexion.
We should consider the age of our skin when selecting the right care for it. The aim is always the same– normalizing skin functions, slowing the ageing process and protecting it from external factors.
The best to pay a little more attention to the skin that changes over the years and to deliver special care is to work on it, and take care of the skin, appropriately to its type and age.  More-->>

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