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Olive Energy Cream 50g




A cream with a delicate, weightless texture. Gliding smoothly over the skin, it is absorbed immediately -without leaving an oily shine or clogging pores.

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A cream with a delicate, weightless texture. Gliding smoothly over the skin, it is absorbed
immediately — without leaving an oily shine or clogging pores. Active ingredients: olive
extract, vitamin E, Ural licorice root extract, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.

Ural licorice root extract (Glycyrrhiza uralensis root extract) contains:
• phenolic acids inhibiting melanin synthesis and preventing the development of nevi
• vitamin С with whitening properties;
• phytoestrogens, vegetable substances whose chemical structure is similar to human
estrogen, and which are capable of locally simulating their effect on the skin;
phytoestrogens not only slow down aging processes, but also normalize melanin
synthesis, thereby preventing hyperpigmentation;
• flavonoids, vitamin-like vegetable substances with strong antioxidant properties.

Niacinamide,the active form of vitamin В3:
• improves microcirculation, removing congestive phenomena and enhancing
metabolism in skin cells;
• increases the ceramide quantity of the skin’s fatty acids, restoring the epidermis’
barrier function;
• reduces transepidermal moisture loss.

• Promotes the recovery of “tired” skin, restoring its tone and healthy appearance.
• Prevents the appearance of early aging signs.
• Moisturizes, firms skin texture and helps counteract negative environmental factors.

Apply a small quantity of cream to the cleansed face and neck (except for areas around
the eyes) with circular movements

Suitable for stressed skin.

The skin “escapes” the effect of such factors as stress and fatigue. The skin’s “water
channels” are filled with moisture.

Rich gel formula fortifies your skin structure stimulating its natural ability to resist dehydration.

Cream moisturizes your skin, makes it vibrant, gives your skin energy, has a tonic effect and protects against negative factors of the environment.

Your skin is moisturized, refreshed, vibrant and healthy.

Skin requirementsAntistress
Skin typeFor all skin type
UsageUsage frequency depends on skin type: oily skin — 2-3 times a week; normal skin — 1-2 times a week; dry and sensitive skin — once every 2 week
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