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Daytime skincare products: moisturizing

Moisturizing is one of the basic preconditions for preserving the skin’s youthful

Moisture deficiency accelerates its aging processes, irrespective of skin

Normal skin is 60% water, making proper moisturizing essential.

On average, 8 liters of water is contained in the skin of man with a body weight of 70 kg.

Contrary to popular opinion, it isn’t just dry skin that suffers from a lack of moisture.
Incidentally, “dry” and “dehydrated” are absolutely different concepts. Normal,
combination and oily skin can also become “parched with thirst.” Only external
dehydration manifestations are different. For example, oily skin intensifies oil-gland
production in case of moisture deficit: it begins to produce more sebum (in order to
retain remaining moisture).

As a result, the face becomes oily more quickly, and the skin becomes more sensitive.

It’s a paradox: the more the skin comes in contact with
water, the more it loses moisture.

But there’s a simple explanation: the moisture contained in the skin strives to merge

with topically-applied water. Therefore, skin should always be moisturized after washing.

As soon as the skin’s moisture volume begins to decrease, the results are immediately
apparent on the face: the skin loses its tone, becomes dry and tight, the face looks tired,
and the person looks older than their years.

Day creams in the “203040…” line meet basic skin requirements and moisture needs,
making them suitable for any age.

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