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The skin of people aged 35 and over needs not only moisturizing but also nourishing, which can be provided by the active ingredients of Rejuvenating Energy Facial Emulsion.

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The skin of people aged 35 and over needs not only moisturizing but also nourishing,
which can be provided by the active ingredients of Rejuvenating Energy Facial Emulsion.

Portulaca oleracea extract:
• is a natural muscle relaxant; relaxes expression muscles, neutralizes their “excessive”
contractions, promotes the minimization of wrinkles;
• soothes irritated skin, stimulates regeneration processes;
• contains vitamin C, thereby intensifying collagen production.

Hydrogenated jojoba oil:
• contains related lipids that easily penetrate the skin, acting as a “conductor” for
cleanser ingredients and promoting deep-pore cleansing;
• compansates for moisture and nutrient deficits in the skin, restores natural
• pH-balance;
• restores skin elasticity, promotes the smoothing of wrinkles thanks to its content of
amino acids structured like collagen.

From the standpoint of chemistry, jojoba oil is not oil but liquid wax. Its unique cosmetic
properties are associated with this very peculiarity of its chemical structure: jojoba ester
wax is similar to waxes that form the sebum base. Thanks to this, they are well absorbed,
easily penetrating the skin barrier together with the biologically-active substances
dissolved therein.

Hydrolyzed pea protein:
• have an intensive moisturizing effect on the skin, forming a protective film on its
surface. This film acts as a wet compress, it does not prevent gas exchange and does
not obstruct pores;
• maintain dermal macromolecules, i.e. collagen and elastin enhancing skin smoothness
and elasticity;
• restore atonic skin.

Unique jojoba liquid wax became very important as a
substitute for spermaceti, the liquid animal wax that was
originally produced from the head of sperm whale until
the animal was added to the endangered species list.
Special studies by American scientists have shown that
the chemical compositions of jojoba and spermaceti are

Hyaluronic acid:
• the “queen of skin moisturizing”: one acid molecule is “served” by up to 1000 water molecules;
• has an “absorbent” effect: it does not allow water to evaporate — even when its content in the environment decreases;
• preserves skin resiliency and elasticity;
• is a “trap” for free radicals.

Lowered hyaluronic acid synthesis
is one of the main causes of the
development of wrinkles.

• Intensively moisturizes the skin, recovers its resiliency and elasticity.
• Promotes the smoothing of wrinkles, evens skin color and micro-contour.
• Protects against adverse environmental effects.

Apply the product to the clean face and neck as a base
under primary cream in the morning and/or in the
evening. It may be used alone or in combination with the
active cream of the Zhenfei Perfect line.

Suitable for all skin types, starting at age 35.

The skin is elastic, resilient and healthy.
Skin requirementsFirmness and elasticity
Skin typeFor all skin type
Age35 +
TaskProvides the optimum moisture level

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