Eastern Pomegranate Facial Beauty Mask, 1 pc

Eastern Pomegranate Facial Beauty Mask, 1 pc

Extreme regeneration and glowing youth. Your skin will glow with health, youth, and natural blush!



Refreshing sour-sweet pomegranate seeds are extremely tasty and have so many benefits.

TianDe presents our new express facial mask with pomegranate extract.
Derivatives of this fruit inhibit the production of a collagen -disrupting ferment.
That is why pomegranate extract is so efficient for age fighting. Indulge your skin with vitamins, use the Eastern Pomegranate mask, and you will see results soon!
This mask provides active hydration and fills your skin with vitamins, improves its resilience, stimulates cell regeneration.

Your skin will glow with health, youth and natural blush!

Put the textile side of the mask onto the clean face with upward movements,
gradually removing the opalescent cover. Remove the mask in 15-20 minutes, rinse the face with water or gently massage it until the product fully absorbs.

Skin requirements
Dehydrated skin
Nutrition and recovery
Prevents skin-aging
Resilience and elasticity
Wrinkle correction
Young skin

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