Intensive Rejuvenation Face and Neck Mask Q 10 Expand

Intensive Rejuvenation Face and Neck Mask Q 10, 1 pc

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The mask is suitable for any age and skin type. If you have mature skin, it is recommended to use it in weekly cycles; thanks to this, the physiological accumulation of beneficial substances in the skin takes place, protecting it from early aging and helping to reduce wrinkle depth.

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TianDe Sanitary Pads "Nephrite Freshness" - Day and Night

Those sanitary pads have been developed by the National Centre for Chinese Medicine based on traditional methods of treatment used for centuries in China. The study is geared to advanced medical technologies.

     External “Dry” layer– Anatomically shaped and manufactured on a special angle, quickly and evenly distributes the fluid along the sanitary pad, increasing the absorption.
     Layers are made of natural cotton, soaked in herbal extracts and essential oils of black pepper and tea tree oil. As a result, the sanitary pads perfectly absorb moisture, eliminate odour and have a positive effect on the bacterial flora intimate surroundings.
     They are an excellent absorbent polymer- absorb any excess moisture, convert the liquid into a gel, providing comfort and protection.
     Side wings and larger size sanitary pads provide protection against leakage.
     External underwear layer protects against dirt.
    Bigger size for night purpose.The mask is suitable for any age and skin type. If you have mature skin, it is recommended
to use it in weekly cycles; thanks to this, the physiological accumulation of beneficial
substances in the skin takes place, protecting it from early aging and helping to reduce
wrinkle depth.

The product contains: coenzyme Q10, hydrolyzed collagen.

The discovery of the substance “coenzyme Q10” in the middle of the 20th Century
became a watershed event of the last century. It turned out that coenzymes are present
in every cell of the human body. The first researchers even called it “ubiquinone” (from
the English ubiquitous, meaning “omnipresent”). Later, the English biochemist who
actively studied coenzymes was awarded with the Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Coenzyme Q10 properties useful in cosmetic products were discovered somewhat
later. Today, many cosmetic products with a rejuvenating effect are manufactured with
the inclusion of this substance. Ubiquinone provides cells with energy — its action is
comparable to the uninterrupted functioning of a tiny battery.

Stores of coenzyme in the cells decline as we grow older (after age 30-35), and not
without leaving traces on the skin: it loses its elasticity, grows dull, and fine wrinkles

Excess ultraviolet radiation and bad habits, especially smoking, also result in the
reduction of ubiquinone production. When penetrating the skin, nicotine changes its
molecular structure, thereby creating molecules with a deficit of electrons and protons.
The more such defective cells are present in the body, the faster the skin aging process
is. Antioxidants are able to fight free radicals and the consequences of their destructive
activity — coenzyme Q10 is one of them.

A 25% coenzyme Q10 deficiency is a precondition for the
development of many diseases, while a 75% deficiency is
incompatible with life! The byproducts of this substance,
which is so indispensable to our body, starts declining at
age 20 and is only 50% of the normal level by age 60.

Effect of the mask’s active ingredient

Coenzyme Q10 is the most powerful antioxidant used in cosmetology delaying skin
aging. Thanks to it, the cells obtain the energy they need for constant renewal.

• antioxidant effect,
• reduces wrinkle depth,
• improves skin turgor and elasticity.

The rejuvenation process is triggered in the skin cells, its resiliency and moisture
content are enhanced, desquamation and irritation stop, expression lines become less

Directions: apply the mask to the cleansed facial skin,
remove in 15-20 minutes, rinse the face with water.
Do not apply to injured, irritated or inflamed skin.

Skin requirements Firmness and elasticity, Nutrition and recovery, Resilience and elasticity
Active ingredients: COLLAGEN, Coenzyme Q10
Age Any Age

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Intensive Rejuvenation Face and Neck Mask Q 10, 1 pc

Intensive Rejuvenation Face and Neck Mask Q 10, 1 pc

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TianDe Is The Source Of Your Natural Beauty!

We unite cosmetology and pharmaceutics significantly increasing product efficiency. TianDe cosmetics is a bioactive supplement for skin, its effect can be compared to that of a therapeutic. The content of active components in our cosmetics is as high as 15-20%, i.e. at the level of professional products.
Naturalness. We mainly use natural healthy ingredients relying on the healing properties in order to provide care for your beauty and health; these include: snake fat and skin, sheep placenta, bird’s nest extract, red caviar, silk protein, ginseng, lingzhi, shou wu, Thai flower, ginger, lotus, pearl, gold, silver, silicon and others.

The uniqueness of formula. Folk wisdom and knowledge of the Ancient East make the basis of each cosmetic product of TianDe. The formula of the products is based on ancient recipes of Chinese, Tibetan and Altai medicine that has been proved by the centuries of effective use. We enclose recipes of oriental medicine in innovative technologies for maximum preserving of unique properties of natural ingredients.

Chinese Medicine in Cosmetics
Herbal medicine is a vital part of traditional Chinese medicine, going back several thousand years. Chinese herbs are not only highly valued medicinal raw materials, but they also contain beauty properties. Chinese herbs’ most accurate descriptions of nursing properties come from the famous medical book from the Ming Dynasty period in 1596, “Ben Cao Gang Mu”, which describes more than 170 types of herbs used for beautification. This extremely valuable heritage of the Middle Kingdom reaches its heyday in the modern, western world. The growing interest in eco-cosmetology, i.e. products based exclusively on natural plant extracts, with no synthetic chemical feedstock, makes us more willing to reach for specifics made from of natural ‘gifts’.

Nanoparticles and other nanostructured materials have unique properties which cannot be obtained when working with a bigger form of the same material. The application of those special properties has been suggested in many industries; however, the cosmetic industry is one of them- eager to make the most of the opportunities presented by nanotechnology. Nanomaterials have been used to try and improve the performance of a wide range of products, starting off with moisturizers and anti-aging creams ending on hair care. TianDe uses Nano-technology mostly when delivering active components to our skin.

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