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Aloe Peel Off Film Mask| Hydration, Nourishment And Regeneration, 80g, tiande 50201

Aloe Peel Off Film Mask| Hydration, Nourishment And Regeneration, 80g

It deeply cleanses the skin, removes dead skin cells, reduces greasy shine, and helps you get rid of black dots.

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The film mask combines the advantages of a surface peel with the skincare properties of a classic mask - hydration, nourishment, and repair.

Deeply cleanses pores, removes the layer of keratinized cells, eliminates shine, helps reduce blackheads, prevents acne. Normalizes the hydro-lipid balance and enhances the elasticity of your skin, leaving it smooth and lifted.


Apply a thick layer of the mask to your cleansed dry face, avoiding the lips, eyebrows and eye area. Leave it on for 18-20 minutes. Remove the mask from the bottom upwards, gently separating its edges from your skin. In case of remaining film fragments, wipe your face with a damp cotton pad.


  • Aloe barbadensis leaf extract soothes, softens, and moisturizes the skin, stimulates its regeneration, improves elasticity, smoothes out fine lines.
Skin requirements
Firmness and elasticity
Nutrition and recovery
Skin type
For all skin type

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