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Refreshing Jeely Foot Bath 90g




Refreshing Jeely Foot Bath (elimination of edemas and feeling of heaviness), 90g

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Quickly removes edemas and feeling of heaviness in legs. Softens clavus and callosities.
Stimulates blood circulation, provides quick regeneration and healing of damaged skin,
eliminates toxins, normalizes perspiration, provides feel of comfort and freshness.

Package No. 1 – restorative foot bath;
Package No. 2 – disinfecting foot bath;
Package No.3 – massage oil


Package No. 1 – Dissolve the contents of package No. 1 in hot water until the mixture becomes jelly-like.
Dip your feet in for 10-15 minutes.

Package No. 2 – Add the contents of package No. 2 and keep your feet in this solution for another 5-10 minutes.

Package No. 3 – Massage your feet and apply the necessary amount of warming massage oil from package No. 3.

Body needsLight feet, Elasticity and tone, Refreshing
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