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Prebiotic Cream for Kids, 50g

Prebiotic Cream for Kids, 50g

Protection of delicate skin from the first days of life



The protective functions of children’s skin are still very weak, and therefore it requires special care and protection.

Prebiotic cream for kids strengthens the skin’s natural protection, prevents irritation, reduces dryness. Thanks to macadamia oil, panthenol and vitamin E, which the cream contains, it provides delicate and gentle care.

The cream is suitable for daily care of normal and sensitive children’s skin from the first days of life.
It can be used under diapers as it creates a waterproof layer that forms a lipid film to protect the skin against irritation.


  • Vitamin E - is a vitamin of youth. It has earned this name due to its ability to protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, it nourishes and slows down the ageing processes of skin cells. If there was a competition for which vitamin is most beneficial for the skin, tocopherol would definitely be in the top three.
  • Panthenol - is provitamin B5, a product of pantothenic acid (from the Greek word pantos meaning “generally everything”). Pantothenic acid is found in all biological tissues, and in case of their damage, the demand for it increases sharply. Panthenol accelerates the regeneration processes of the skin, increases its softness and elasticity and smooths fine wrinkles.
  • Macadamia - oil is nicknamed the “disappearing” oil due to its immediate effect. It is obtained by the cold pressing method from the nuts of the same name. Its content is very similar to sperm oil, which is obtained from marine mammals. You won’t find this amount of palmitic acid in any other foundation oil. In addition, it contains irreplaceable vitamins PP and the entire B group, linoleic, linolenic, oleic, arachidonic, eicosene and stearic acid. This perfect oil is great for extreme weather conditions, serving as the base for many protective winter creams and lip balms. It has excellent regenerative, protective and softening properties.
  • BIOLIN prebiotic - An effective prebiotic that contains inulin and the oligosaccharide alpha-glucan. The oligosaccharide alpha-glucan supports the balance of the microflora in the mucous membrane and strengthens protective properties.


Apply the cream to the clean baby’s face and body skin.

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