Skin -Tone Corrector DD Cushion, 15g Expand

Skin -Tone Corrector DD Cushion, 15g



Skin -Tone Corrector DD Cushion

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“Cushion - one of the main beauty novelties of recent years. In this stylish box all the components of beautiful skin are enclosed: perfect tone, moisturizing and protection from ultraviolet radiation. You will fall in love with this remedy from the first application!
The cushion of TianDe combined ultra-light application, 100% disguise of imperfections and fine wrinkles, an ideal fusion with the color of the skin. As part of this revolutionary tool - an active hydro complex with sodium hyaluronate and betaine, which intensively moisturises the skin throughout the day. Cushion has antioxidant properties, and also reliably protects from exposure to UF- and UVA-rays.
DD-cream, which is impregnated with a sponge, is a new word in the cosmetic industry. DD is an abbreviation, which stands for Dynamic Do-All, or "dynamic cream that does everything".

The name is very promising, is not it?
This tool includes all the advantages of previous products - BB- and CC-creams: it moisturizes, cares, rejuvenates and disguises.
Cushion combines several cosmetics at once.
Now you do not need to carry a bloated cosmetic bag! It is compact and convenient to use, like a powder. Has good covering ability and hides all defects, like a foundation. In addition, it protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation!
Thanks to the fact that in this small box there is absolutely everything for using "on the go" (the tool itself, the sponge and the mirror), the cushion will be your indispensable wand. Now you will always be sure that the make-up is in order.
Take the sponge and lightly push the cushion - you will get as much product as you need to create the perfect skin! Apply to a clean, moisturised face.
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Skin requirementsFreshness and radiance, Moisturizing


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Skin -Tone Corrector DD Cushion, 15g

Skin -Tone Corrector DD Cushion, 15g

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