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Food concentrate, instant course for...

Food concentrate, instant course for lunch. Spicy Millet Porridge with Figs, Apricots and Pumpkin

Millet porridge with figsApricots and pumpkin

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Millet porridge with figs Apricots and pumpkin

Does not require boiling. Ingredients millet flakes 49.57% fructose pieces of dried apricot 9% pieces of dried figs 6% pieces of dried peaches pieces of dried pumpkin 6% starchSyrup sunflower oil pumpkin powder 2% salt, sodium caseinate (milk), Ginger powder, vanilin, anticaking agent: silicon dioxide,Stabilisers potassium phosphate and polyphosphates, emulsifiers: mono- and diglicerides of fatty acids, steryol 2 -sodium lactate, turmeric, Acidity regulator citric acid.

Use: Add 60 to 70 mL of boiling water, thoroughly mix, after 3 to 5 minutes product is ready for use.

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