Mens Underwear With Tourmaline Spot...

Mens Underwear With Tourmaline Spot Coating

Help to preserve sexual energy and the urinary bladder.



Tourmaline and magnets influence the lower dantian responsible for preserving sexual energy, as well as meridians of the kidneys and the urinary bladder.

When the body comes into contact with the tourmaline and embedded magnets, magnetic field is increased - as a result, local blood circulation is boosted, which helps efficiently supply oxygen to the cells and improve metabolic processes.


It is recommended to put the underwear on in the evening. Start from 10-15 minutes a day, gradually increasing the duration of wearing to 8-10 hours (for the whole night).

code: 30132/01, 1 pcs. Size: L (50)

code: 30132/02, 1 pcs. Size: XXL (54)



Tourmaline - granules while moving in water generate electric microcurrents that reduce the attractive force between water molecules, thereby increasing their cleaning power.

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