Optics & Screen Cloth

Optics & Screen Cloth

Immediate cleaning of the most «demanding» surfaces



Eyeglasses, smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, cameras…

None of us can any longer imagine a day without these important gadgets and surely, most people are familiar with the problem of taking care of them: fingerprints on optical lenses and touch-screen gadgets, dust on monitor screens and… streaks that wet wipes can leave on them.

All these gadgets require special, gentle care that will not leave scratches, streaks and hairs. The Optics & Screens Cloth has been created especially for delicate surfaces!

It is made from microfiber chamois and is 100% effective – it removes any dirt immediately. The special fluff-free fabric weave will not leave any "traces" after use.

Size: 14.5 х 17.5 cm.


Use the cloth dry. Do not iron, do not dry on radiators.

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