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This cream-gel contains peptides(translation from the Greek — “nutritive”), one of the most promising ingredients in cosmetic products.

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This cream-gel contains peptides(translation from the Greek — “nutritive”), one of the
most promising ingredients in cosmetic products. Similar to proteins, peptides consist
of amino acids, but unlike proteins, their size is much smaller, enabling them to easily
penetrate the skin barrier.

Peptides are “delivered youth”: they have a high capability of penetrating the epidermal
barrier because they contain protein in a form that is optimal for assimilation by the skin,

i.e. in the form of a short chain consisting of 2-8 amino acids.

The most valuable property of peptides — their ability to influence vital cell activity.
Various processes in the skin, including aging, can be controlled with the help of peptide

Palmitoyl oligopeptide is a “signal molecule” for the production of collagen:
• a tripeptide derivative consisting of three amino acid residues (glycin, histidine and
lysine) bound with palmitic acid, which facilitates penetration through the epidermal
• a collagen molecule fragment involved in the formation of new collagen fibers;
• promotes the better penetration of active ingredients in cosmetic products.
Caprooyl tetrapeptide-3:
• consists of short chains of four amino acids (histidine, lysine, glutamine and isoleicine)
bound with caproic acid;
• helps strengthen collagen and elastin fibers;
• has softening and soothing effects on the skin, promotes reduced pigmentation.
This cream also contains hydrolyzed silk, hyaluronic acid and allantoin.

• Reduces skin tension and stress, providing it with valuable nutrients.
• Promotes the recovery of dermal structural integrity,
stimulates cell regeneration, improves skin color.
• Increases moisture level, which helps smooth out

Apply a small quantity of cream to the cleansed face
and neck, except for areas around the eyes, with circular

Suitable for any skin type at ages over 30.


Preserved “youth capital” of skin cells!

Saturated cream with seaweed and aloe extract, hyaluronic acid and ceramides intensively nourishes, moistens and rejuvenates skin. Active ingredients of the cream restore integrity of dermis structure and intracellular connections, improve complexion, relieve skin tension and stress.

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Full complex of mutually complementary cosmetic products for care of facial skin for people in the age of 30 and older. 

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