Soap Nut Dishwashing Liquid 500ml Expand

Soap Nut Dishwashing Liquid 500ml

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This TianDe natural and safe detergent effectively removes various types
of pollution, even in cold water. At the heart of detergent there is saponin,
a substance contained in a soap nut shell is a natural foaming agent.
It does not produce corrosive alkaline reactions and completely decomposes in the environment.

Soap nuts are not only not harmful to human health and the environment,
but also have anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the skin.

To completely rinse the detergent surfactant-based dishes with water,
you need to rinse the plate about 100 times and wipe dry with a towel.

But usually you not!

Typically, after dishwashing with detergent based products on surfactants,
20 to 40% of this substance stays on the surface.
As a result, clean plates have far more harmful substances than bacteria.
Getting into the digestive tract, surfactants have a toxic effect on the entire body.
Scientists have proved that only 100 g of the surfactant can kill a horse weighing 300 kg in 24 hours.

Detergent-based soap nut is completely washed away very easily from the surface of dishes!
And even if you accidentally hit saponins in the body, they are digested without any unpleasant consequences.

Saponins are widely used in the food industry for the preparation of confectionery, halva and fizzy drinks.

The TianDe Dishwashing detergent based on the soap nut is a god’s gift
for people suffering from skin diseases and allergies, which are absolutely contraindicated
in contact with any cleaning chemicals from plants instead of chemicals – “soap” from the trees.
Wash your health!

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I used it to dishwasher,

I used it to dishwasher, and it was good :)

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Soap Nut Dishwashing Liquid 500ml

Soap Nut Dishwashing Liquid 500ml

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