Anti-wrinkle mask for skin around eyes with 100% collagen Dual System Expand

Anti-Wrinkle 100% Collagen Eye Mask

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This mask virtually postpones time by preventing age-related skin changes for a long time: overhang of the upper eyelid, “crow’s feet,” reduced resiliency of ultra-delicate eyelid skin. Any woman at the age of 30 and up can include it in her regular beauty regimen.

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The product contains: collagen, Malva sylvestris leaf extract, ginseng root extract,
biogold, algae extract.

Can a man live for a long time without water? Of course not. It is difficult to even imagine
what would happen to us if our bodies did not receive life-giving moisture! But collagen
is indispensable for our skin roughly to the same extent as clean water for our body. In
case of collagen deficiency, it fades rapidly and is covered with wrinkles, in short — it

As we grow older, starting at age 35 and up, cells stop producing a sufficient collagen
quantity — collagen fibers start to lose their resiliency, structure and ability to retain
moisture; as a result, wrinkles appear. What to do? Cosmetic products with high collagen
content can come to the rescue.

Effect of the mask’s active ingredients
Collagen functions as a “youth protein,” it improves the skin’s strength, elasticity and
turgor, fights against wrinkles.

Malva sylvestris leaf extract makes the skin soft and velvety, smoothes fine wrinkles,
moisturizes, improves turgor.

• moisturizes deeply,
• recovers tone and elasticity,
• smoothes fine wrinkles.

Wrinkles around the eyes are noticeably smoothed, you feel confidence in your beauty,
your look is open, bold and fascinating.

Skin requirementsFirmness and elasticity
Skin typeFor all skin type

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Anti-Wrinkle 100% Collagen Eye Mask

Anti-Wrinkle 100% Collagen Eye Mask

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